5 Best $20 Gaming Mouse to buy in 2019

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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5 Best Cheap Gaming Mouses Under 20 or 2000 PKR

If you have spent much on building your gaming Pc and now want some cheap gaming mice, luckily you have come to the right place. We have created a list of best gaming mice under $20. As it has been believed that “the more expensive it is, the better it is” but that’s not the reality in all cases. If you are looking for gaming mice, then you should be looking for one that strikes a balance between price and performance, not just the price tag. Certain features differ gaming mice over ordinary mice i.e.

  • DPI (dots per inch):
  • Higher the number, more full the range (Sensitivity)
  • Polling Rate:
  • Higher polling rate, faster the response time
  • Mouse grip
  • Number of buttons
  • Mouse weight
  • Mouse design
  • No matter what game you are playing, you will need one of these mice.

The Best PC Gaming Mice To Buy In 2019 On Budget

Following are the best gaming mouse that you can buy under $20, these are the best cheap mouses that you should buy in 2019:

ZELOTES T-90 ($18.99)

ZELOTES T-90 is one of the best-wired gaming mice regarding price and performance. ZELOTES T-90 features unique seven colors lighting effect and up to 9200 DPI. The lighting effect can be turned off with the help of available Light Mode Switch. The default resolution of the mouse is 1000DPI but can be changed to 1600/2400/3200/5500/9200 by simply pressing DPI switch. A total number of buttons available on the mouse are eight including DPI and Light Mode Switch. It is compatible with almost every Operating System. As polling rate and DPI are closely related, ZELOTES T-90 possess 500Hz polling rate. ZELOTES T-90 weights 0.160 kg along with 1.8m of cable length.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • 7 Colorful LED breathing light
  • Max 9200 DPI

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MOTO SPEED V30 ($16.49)

MOTO SPEED V30 is also wired gaming mouse, unlike others regarding price and performance. V30 possess optical gaming chip for master controlling and RGB breath lighting with 6 DPI changing. The default resolution will be 500DPI, which could be changed to 750/1000/1500/2000/3500 with the static polling rate of 500Hz. V30 is compatible with all Operating system. Intelligent connectivity enables V30’s plug and plays feature. V30 weights 0.1800kg along with 1.7m cable length.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • RGB breathing lighting
  • Max 3500 DPI

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Combaterwing CW-80 ($17.45)

Featuring with Avago 3050 chip, ten programmable buttons and customized DPI settings CW-80 mouse affords you outstanding performance within your price range. Customize DPI setting allows you to set your resolution up-to 4800DPI. CW-80 consists of 3 lightening mode: Standard, respiration, and neon. These lights modes can be switched or can be turned off by the light switch button. The ergonomic shape of the mouse, which snugly fits under your palm gives gamers the most comfortable gaming experience ever. CW-80 weights 0.1530kg and comes with 1.5m cable length.

  • Comfortable Palm and Claw grip
  • 3 Mode of LED lightning
  • Max 4800 DPI

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E – 3LUE EMS601 ($20.29)

Undeterred by years of ridicule for their comparatively higher latency, the E – 3LUE EMS601 proved once and for all that wireless gaming mice still got value. Ergonomic design fits your palm and gives comfort in gaming. As this mouse is powered by 2 AA battery hence on/off button effectively save power. Collectively it consists of 7 buttons, including DPI setting button. Resolution varies from 500DPI/1000DPI/1800DPI/2500DPI. EMS601 weights 0.1330kg and comes with a receiver.

  • Solid Build Body
  • Accurate and reliable wireless
  • Max 2500 DPI
  • The cool colorful LED light

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If you are low on budget and want to get the experience of both wired and wireless mouse, then X70 will be the right choice to buy. Dual-mode allows X70 to be converted to wired or wireless anytime. 4 level adjustable resolution 1000DPI/1600DPI/2000DPI/2400DPI along with 125Hz return rate will enable you to quickly aim accurately.7 colored circle breathing LED lights makes it look incredible. X70 weights 0.1010 kg and comes with the 2.4Ghz wireless receiver and a 50cm long wire.

  • Dual Mode
  • Built-in rechargeable polymer battery
  • Max 2400 DPI
  • 7-color circle breathing light

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These are the best gaming mouse under $20 that you can buy right now; We will be updating this list of best gaming mice under 20, so stay tuned. If you already own one of these mice do share your experience in the comment section below.

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