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10 Best Chrome Extensions for Reddit in 2021

10 Best Chrome Extensions for Reddit in 2021

Once I was surfing through the net to get some good stuff for my blog. There I happened to get by Reddit – an excellent forum that connects people worldwide to share their ideas, thoughts and build connections.

It’s somewhere you can quickly get your questions answered. As for me, whenever a new question hits my mind, Reddit is the first place I jump to. No matter how exciting things get on Reddit, the site’s design and interface are not user-friendly, as it hasn’t been updated for long.

To improve your experience with the platform, we came up with the 10 best Chrome extensions and Apps for Reddit. If you’re a gaming and PC Building enthusiast there are multiple sub reddits for that and you might also want to know about best bottleneck calculator.

Readr for Reddit – Reduce clutter

Some subreddits like AskReddit invite lots of comments on posts, and to be honest, Reddit is not good at handling these comments. The Readr extension for Chrome makes reading long comments easier. It adds a “Read” button below each comment.

When you click it, a box pops-up with the entire comment. Once you are done reading, click “Done reading.” The pop-up box allows you to choose from two font styles and offers a night mode too.

10 Best Chrome Extensions and Apps

Reddit Mini – Get instant access to subreddits

It allows you to access Reddit with just one click from any web page or tab of Chrome. Click on the extension icon and type whatever subreddit you are interested in, and it opens in the panel.

You can see all the comments and posts there. However, you can’t comment from there. The panel displays images and videos in full size. Don’t expect the self-text posts or posts with YouTube links to expand; when you click on them, they will direct you to that Reddit page.

Reddit Comments Collapser -Clean up comments

Whenever there is an interesting and debatable post on Reddit, it gets hundreds of comments, and each comment thread can have its sub-thread so, it is quite easy to lose the track.

The bad news is that Reddit does not handle this clutter, and the good news is that we have a wonderful extension, i.e., the Reddit Comments Collapser, that makes a dotted line between the starting and ending comment. You can skip the comments chain by clicking on the line.

commentCollapser 1 - 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Reddit in 2021

SHINE for Reddit – Style up Reddit’s appearance

SHINE is a CSS overlay that enhances the design of Reddit and allows you to choose between the list view and the grid view. There is a MultReddit sidebar with toggle buttons. You can also integrate the Reddit Enhancement Suite with it.

You need to get access to SHINE Bright for unlocking some of its paid features like enhanced views, a few settings, night mode, and inline media viewing.

shine for reddit 1 - 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Reddit in 2021

Hoover Zoom+ -View full-size images

Whenever you want to zoom an image on Reddit, it opens up in a new tab or opens in Imgur. To make zooming-in easier, you can use the Hoover Zoom+ extension that works with other websites and can even zoom video links, as shown in the screenshot below.

It creates a gallery of all images on a web page and has quick Action Keys for saving images and accessing the gallery.

AlienTube -Experience Reddit on YouTube

AlienTube allows Reddit comments below the videos, but for only those videos that have been shared on Reddit. You can set the limit for the Reddit comments showing on YouTube and can even restrict any subreddit from there.

AlienTube 1 1 - 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Reddit in 2021

See It -Preview all hovered links

See It previews all the links you have hovered on and creates a new mini window for each link. You can minimize or close the windows you want and even disable the undesirable link types, e.g., image link previews.

Reddit Companion -directly share a webpage on Reddit

It allows you to share a webpage from the webpage itself to Reddit directly. Click on the extension’s icon and share the current webpage with the help of the toolbar that opens. Also, add the title for the Reddit post and click “submit.”

reddit companion - 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Reddit in 2021

The submit button directs you to the Reddit page, and you can set the subreddit there. The extension also shows new message notifications and allows upvoting or downvoting saved webpages.

reddit companion 2 - 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Reddit in 2021

Reddit Client App -Revamp the look

The extension gives a style touch to Reddit’s layout and offers to choose between a column view and a stream view. In the column view, you can go through three different subreddits in three different columns and explore them separately.

reditr client app column view - 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Reddit in 2021

In the stream view, the posts appear on the left panel while the right side displays the post you’ve selected. Other features include Reddit Enhancement Suite integration, live notifications, private chat, etc.

reditr client app - 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Reddit in 2021

Reddit Enhancement Suite – Good overall experience

The Suite packs a lot of modules and features that can’t be covered in this short article; however, the best ones include:

Inline image viewer: It lets you view images and videos on the front page.

FileReddit: You can customize the homepage and remove undesirable subreddits.

User Tagging: From here, you can tag and keep track of your friends.

Block NSFW content: It properly blocks the inappropriate content on Reddit.

Never-ending Reddit: It previews unending posts on Reddit.

reddit enhancement suite 1 - 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Reddit in 2021

That’s all for best chrome extensions you can install on chrome to make your Reddit experience better. Let me know if you have any in comments below.



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