Which is The Best DC Inverter AC to Buy in Pakistan 2020

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With summer coming up in Pakistan, a lot of people are wondering what AC to buy. The weather gets scorching, each yar the temperatures, and overall fell is warmer. With Global Warming coming at us full tilt, it is essential to use technologies that interact better with our current world. These are technologies that help use our resources better. One of the features in modern ACs helps with this.

All the rage since the past few years, DC inverter ACs are still the choice. The reason being that ACs with this technology use energy more efficiently; Which is good for the environment in comparison to tother splits.

Also, since this would help reduce one’s electricity bill, a great advantage given the cost of electricity in Pakistan today.

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The initial cost for ACs with DC inverter technology is higher initially, but it is a smarter choice in the long run. The added cost, on average, can be recovered in about two years. After which you are saving on the AC bill every month.

This has naturally drawn more people to opt for DC inverter equipped ACs in the past few years. Many local and international brands have all started incorporating it to meet this growing demand.

The Best DC Inverter AC to Buy in Pakistan in 2020

Granted there are so many different options one can choose from as there are so many brands, here is a shortlist of names that have been doing well in this market: 

1. Waves

A local make that has been working in cooling technologies since its inception many decades ago. From refrigerators to ACs today. Their compressors have a more extended warranty, which is a helpful service as that is the most crucial part of the AC. With some models, it is three years and others for five years. The other parts have a year’s warranty as well.

2. Haier

Another local brand, Haier, has many different models with this technology. Another exciting feature they include is the Self Cleansing, which removes dirt by freezing the surface and then using the moisture when it is defrosting to push out dust and germs. If you want to know more about it or want to check the price, then explore the Haier price in Pakistan.

3. Mitsubishi

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The only 100% Japanese brand imported in Pakistan, funnily enough, the importers are Orient Pakistan a brand that themselves also makes ACs. As is with most Japanese electronic appliances, the Mitsubishi range is of premium quality, of course. With efficient and quiet cooling, running smoothly. Given the brand name and importation, Mitsubishi DC inverter ACs are from a high price point.

4. Electrolux

One of the other brands available in Pakistan that is imported. Electrolux is a Swedish company. They have multiple tonnage options similar to other brands. A feature that is incorporated by them is the ability to handle a varied voltage range, so the AC doesn’t get damaged if there is fluctuation, something that does happen in Pakistan.

5. Orient

One of the most known local brands that are developing ACs is Orient. They have used local building abilities with Japanese printed chipboards that they use inside their ACs. Orient also has smart ACs, which allow users to control their systems via a smartphone once they install the app known as MEVRIS.

With these options, given that each brand has multiple ACs with the DC inverter technology, one could find something suited to them quickly. An excellent personalized mix between features, look, and budget.

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