Best Trailers of E3 2017 – So Far

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Best E3 2017

We’ve seen impressive E3 trailers and latest showcases of some of the world’s biggest franchises in gaming, we picked the best one and brought them all together in one place.

The Best E3 2017 Trailers: the top videos

You are already waiting eagerly for your favorite games whether that’s Assassin’s Credit: Origins or FIFA 18 but there are million of people who are looking for their new obsession of simply want to see what else if out there, Let see them in our pick of Best E3 2017 Trailers

Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Packs

This trailer for the Zelda DLC packs shows some of the new features of the first release, The Master Trials, and a short tease for the story expansion The Champions Ballad.

God Of War

Santa Monica Studios’ new God of War offering sees Kratos, living as a man outside the shadow of the gods, adapt to unfamiliar lands and get a second chance at being a father. “Together with his son Atreus, the pair will venture into the brutal Norse wilds and fight to fulfill a deeply personal quest,” the studio says.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

One of the gaming’s most beloved franchises, as well single-handedly correcting the spelling of a generation of young historians. Discover the mysteries of Ancient Egypt and explore the birthplace of the Assassin’s Brotherhood.


Created by Insomniac Games, Spider-Man, for PS4, will be released in 2018 and the gameplay demo from E3 shows the superhero taking down Wilson Fisk’s henchmen while on top of a tower-block.

Metro Exodus

An open-world shooter set in a post-apocalyptic Russia, Metro Exodus is one of the most promising games announced at E3 2017 so far. It’s coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2018.

Xbox One X

The console formerly known as Project Scorpio has now been formally unveiled as the Xbox One X and we couldn’t be more excited by the XboxOX.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry comes to America in the latest installment of the award-winning franchise.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim for Nintendo Switch

Doom VFR

Doom has always had the capacity to make us, how do we put this delicately…brick ourselves. DOOM in VR?

Fallout 4: VR

Fallout 4 captivated us for a long time when it arrived, but having finally conquered our addiction following a tricky survival mode playthrough we’re now being offered a VR version.


A new ‘IP’ is always thrilling, but a new IP from Bioware is pant-wetting exciting, and the opening glimpse at Anthem – an open world game that doesn’t at all remind us of Destiny AT ALL – is pretty fantastic.

Crackdown 3

Some would argue that Crackdown has never really got the attention that it deserves, but that could change for Crackdown 3, with this Terry Crews-starring trailer showing us why this should be considered a mainstream offering.


Need for Speed Payback

The Crew 2

Forza 7

A Way Out

Skull and Bones

E3 is the world’s largest exhibition for the games industry, stuffed full of the latest and greatest games, consoles, and gaming hardware. Hope you enjoyed the announcements and trailer we’ve shared with you keep and eye on the list it will be updated as soon as we receive further updates.

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