Best free 2D Animation Software and Cartoon Creator

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We’ve collected some useful software to create amazing animations, and cartoons for free, All these software; mentioned below are Best free 2D animation software’s and cartoon creator, these are very simple to use, and you can find more tutorials online.

These Are Best cartoon Animation Software You Can Use Free

1. Pencil

Best free 2D animation softwares and cartoon creator

The pencil is a free easy to use animation and drawing software alternative to Toon Boom in which you can create hand-drawn cartoon images and animate it. It features both vector and bitmap graphics and here are some cool things you can do with Pencil.

  1. Import background or draw backgrounds manually
  2. Copy, paste a new frame with the previous image
  3. Create several layers for animated objects and characters
  4. Add audio for your animation and export project in.FLV format.

Platform: Pencil is an open source cross platform that runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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2. Synfig Studio

Best free 2D animation softwares and cartoon creator

Synfig Studio is a free yet advanced and powerful drawing and animation software. It can able to produce quality animations as you see in feature films. Some of the features of Synfig Studio are

Platform: Synfig studio is open source software runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

3. Tupi

Best free 2D animation softwares and cartoon creator

Tupi is a 2D animation software and cartoon creator. Since it has a user-friendly interface, even an 8-year-old kid can handle this software. Tupi features everything like a pencil in which you can add audio and export to the verity of formats, tween objects, so you don’t have to draw manually. Tupi works great with the vector.

Platform: Tupi is open source software and runs only on Linux.

4. Scratch

Best free 2D animation software and cartoon creator

Scratch is science and educational software that helps kids to learn some programming skills. With Scratch, you can create games, stories, and animation that have easy drag and drop interface. You can create images and choose animation effects when the mouse hovers and moreover easily share all your animation via the web.

Platform: Scratch is an open source software that runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Hope that you’ve found this list of best free 2D animation softwares and cartoon creator to be useful. If you own a blogger blog, then you must learn how to add a Stylish Feedburner Email Subscription Form to your Blog.


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