The Best from CES 2024: Glare-Free TVs, AI Hubs, and Holographic Calls

by Adeel Younas

In a barrage of innovation and advanced technology, CES 2024 has settled, leaving behind a trail of high-tech breadcrumbs for consumers to feast on later in the year. This wave brought to us the most ingenious gadgets tailored for an array of professional and personal needs.

These are TechWafer’s favourites and best picks from CES 2024, hope you’ll love these too.

Samsung’s S95D OLED TV

The Best of CES 2024: What We're Looking Forward to Most | Reviews by Wirecutter

Samsung’s S95D OLED TV stood out as the paragon of television engineering. Its glare-free display is not just an incremental upgrade but a significant enhancement in display technology. OLED TVs have long suffered from usability issues in bright environments, but the S95D’s new anti-reflective screen dispels this limitation with flying colors — literally. With a projected price tag of around $2,500, this TV is not only poised to elevate the home viewing experience but also to set a new standard when it launches this spring.

TimeKettle’s X1 Interpreter Hub

TimeKettle’s X1 Interpreter Hub

On the AI front, TimeKettle’s X1 Interpreter Hub promises seamless communication across language barriers, catering to a future where language diversity in workplaces and classrooms is no longer a hurdle. Meanwhile, MSI has taken the gaming world by storm with its Claw handheld — a device jam-packed with both power and ergonomic design.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid

Lenovo, not far behind, unveiled the world’s first dual-OS 2-in-1 device — the ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid. This game-changer automatically transitions from a Windows PC to an Android tablet upon screen detachment. Innovative, indeed, and with the versatility of connecting it to an external monitor, Lenovo has essentially provided consumers with a two-for-one deal in productivity.

Holoconnect’s Holobox

Holoconnect's Holobox

And for those looking forward to science fiction made real, Holoconnect’s Holobox garnered the ‘Best Innovation Overall,’ despite its currently prohibitive cost and size. It’s a look into the future where our conversations can be as close to “tele-presence” as we’ve imagined in our wildest sci-fi dreams.

TCL 115-inch QD-MiniLED TV

TCL introduced an exciting entrant into the market with its massive 115-inch QD-MiniLED TV, targeting home cinema enthusiasts wanting to blend large-scale viewing with QLED technology.

Rabbit’s R1

Lastly, but significantly, Rabbit’s R1, touted to be more than a mere AI assistant, could redefine the concept of virtual help with its proactive capabilities in routine tasks.

Here’s a snapshot of the best that CES 2024 had to offer:

Category Product Highlights Availability Expected Price
Best TV Samsung S95D OLED Glare-free display with OLED quality, ideal for bright rooms Spring 2024 Around $2,500
Best Laptop Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid 2-in-1 Windows PC and Android tablet TBA TBA
Best AI Device TimeKettle X1 Interpreter Hub Real-time translations in up to 40 languages Available now $699
Best Gaming Device MSI Claw Portable gaming with Intel Core Ultra processor Later this year $699
Best Tech Accessory Minitailz Smart Dog Collar Activity and health monitor with location tracking Available now $99 + subscription
Best Innovation Holoconnect Holobox Holographic calls with near-zero latency Available for order Request pricing
Best TV Innovation TCL 115-inch QD-MiniLED TV Ultra-bright 5,000 nits display with 20,000 local dimming zones Available at Best Buy Around $20,000
Best AI Innovation Rabbit R1 AI assistant capable of practical tasks like online shopping and bookings TBA $199

CES 2024 has indeed set a high bar for future consumer electronics trade shows. It has showcased how tech can seamlessly blend into our everyday experiences — be it entertainment, work, or personal care — and sometimes, even in the way we choose to communicate with those we cherish.

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