Best Gaming Keyboards in 2020 – All Options are Under $200

Many people are seen asking in PC groups and forums about which keyboard they should buy especially in 2020 after all its a new year. Nowadays, the keyboard comes in several different sizes, like 87/108keys, one and with varying types of key switches.

Keyboards are part many people may have experience buying, but you don’t worry, we will not let your money be wasted. These are the best available options right now under $200.

So, today we will provide you with a bunch of keyboards that you can buy and are best in their respective categories. What’s better than a gaming keyboard it’s gaming mouse do check our list of gaming mouse for eSports to buy in 2020.

The Best Overall: Corsair K95 RGB Platinum ($139.99)

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The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is an aluminum frame keyboard that makes this keyboard extra durable for long-duration use, and due to being made from aluminum, it’s super lightweight.

Corsair k95 RGB Platinum has Mx Cherry Brown key switches that have an ultra-fast actuation and light tactile feel.

To the right of the keyboard, you can find six macro keys named G1-6 that are fully programmable.

You can completely customize the RGB lighting on the keyboard. The keyboard has the anti-ghosting key for perfect gaming experience and a soft wrist pad for long gaming sessions.

The keyboard also has 8-MB onboard storage for custom profiles, and you can run this keyboard up to 1000hz.


Most Responsive and Excellent Keyboard: Razer Huntsman Elite ($159.99)

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If you ask about the best keyboard in the market, then most people would tell you about this keyboard.

This keyboard comes in two types of key switches one clicky and the other one linear, but both are optical powered, which makes this keyboard the most responsive in our list of the best gaming keyboards. At the top right corner of the keyboard, you can also find multi-function buttons and a volume dial.

This keyboard has Razer Synapse 3 software support. It also has a wrist pad, and the 4-way key underflow gives you the best RGB lighting experience. The onboard keyboard storage allows you to save upto five custom profiles on the keyboard.


Best Keyboard for Budget: Logitech K840 ($59.99)

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If you don’t have much money to buy an expensive keyboard, then don’t worry, we still got a good option for you.

The Logitech K840 only costs $80, and it also has an aluminum frame like the expensive ones. The Logitech K840 features Japanese engineered Romer-G Meachnacial key switches, which give you tactile feedback and last up to 70 million clicks.

You also get programmable keys on this keyboard, which you can custom program with the help of user-friendly Logitech software.

It is a full-size keyboard, which means you get 108 keys on it and powered by an extra durable; le 1.8 m USB cable.


Best For FPS Gamers: Asus ROG Strix Scope ($139.99)

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Specifically built for the fps gamers, this keyboard has wider keycaps, which make sure that you don’t miss a single key hit while you’re in intense clutch situations.

This keyboard comes with different types of key switches like red, brown, blue, silver, and silent red. It’s totally on you whether which type you prefer.

This keyboard has Asus AuraSync supports, which lets you easily customize the RGB lighting.

The keys on the keyboard are 100% anti-ghosting and have an option to lock the windows key, so while gaming, you are safe from miss clicking on the windows key and missing your essential shots.

This keyboard, like others in our list, has an on-board memory for saving your custom profiles up to 6.


Wireless King: Corsair K63 Wireless ($89.99)

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It’s 2020, and you can find almost anything in a wireless option, so why not a keyboard.

The Corsair K63 Wireless is a wireless mechanical keyboard that has a 1ms response time with 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity.

It comes with a wireless USB dongle that you can use it to connect to any device. Corsair K63 features Cherry MX Red key switches, which are excellent in quality. The keyboard has large font keycaps and has 128 Aes wireless encryption that keeps your every single keypress secured.

It has a long-lasting battery that lasts up to 15 hours and dedicated multimedia control keys.

It also has a detachable wrist pad,anti-ghosting keys, and a window key lock mode, which are found in most the flagship keyboards.


I hope you found the best keyboard choice for you in 2020. Comment down below to ask me a question.

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