Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 CS: GO (Updated: June 2022)

by Ijlala Maqbool

CS: GO has been created and refined into a whole new game while maintaining the essential concepts since its inception in 2012. While the central concept of CS: GO is precision and decision-making about when and where to hold firefights on the map, the grenades utilized in the game are one of the most crucial enablers of that mechanic. So let’s find out the best Grenade spots in Dust 2 Counter-Strike: GO

Dust 2 is a direct successor of Dust, Counter-most Strike’s popular map. Dust 2 was designed as a more updated and enhanced version of its predecessor, while Counter-Strike 1.6 was still popular. It immediately became the most popular map online, and it remains one of the most popular maps among FPS fans worldwide today.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 (2022) >> ST Grenade Spots Dust 2

Throwing grenades correctly will give you an advantage over the opposing in-game squad. It makes no difference if they are alone in front of the gathering. We’ll show you where the most delicate areas to throw grenades in Dust 2 are and where you should throw them from.

When an adversary is nearby, do not use a grenade. The best is to do is throw the grenade away, but where is the most important. Consider X as a footing position point and Y as a launching location point for clarity.

Before we get into the Dust 2 Best Grenade Spot guide, we’ll show you how to navigate the map. All of the crucial callout spots can be found on the CSGO Dust 2 maps above. The purpose is to use this map to find the ideal grenade-throwing locations. We’ll utilize codes S and T because we revealed this earlier to assist you. The footer point is S, while the launch point is T.

You must remain in X and direct your throw at point Y. This gives you extra range and allows you to throw grenades from a distance before engaging adversaries.

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Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 

1. T-Spawn to Mid Doors

Best Grenade Locations Position yourself in T-Spawn so that you can see the suicide zone, the small alleyway leading to the upper-middle > middle, and finally the middle entrance. Run a little further and hurl the grenade after seeing it all the way up to the sky.

The grenades would tumble out of the center doors as a result of the launch. Jump or walk through the door. The whistle-spawn is close to the right of the mid-door, causing them to fear.

The opposing team may assume you are in-game near to them to some extent. In the Dust 2 game, this is the greatest position to confound the whistle.

T-Spawn Long Doors 

Before you can throw the grenade, you must run and take some space in the Long Doors T-spawn region. In the screenshot below, we’ve highlighted different path places. Instead of shooting while standing, run for a few steps and then aim for points.

You can throw it inside or outside the door. The grenade will land between the blue and the side pit if thrown from below. To change your trajectory, you must practice. Before passing through the long door in Dust 2, this is the perfect area to throw a grenade. You can also hurl them near the door; the grenades will be dropped at the start of Long A.

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