Epic Seven Tier List – The Best Heroes & Best Champions List

Epic Seven is an exciting game that provides entertainment to its followers. There are a lot of complexities in the game that need you to be extra vigilant. To deal with complications, you will surely need the best teal of characters.

Epic Seven Tier List The Best Heroes of All Time

When it comes to selecting the best team of characters, Epic Seven offers a wide range of list, which sometimes make it more difficult for you to make the right combination. You might realize how difficult it is to pick a good team as you advance further in the game.

Viewing your problems, we have managed to create an extensive Epic seven Tier List as proposed by the game. For your information, the details in the following list will change with the new update.

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However, you will have an idea about the best heroes in different game sections, including Boss Hunt, World, Abyss, Arena, Guild Wars, and Raid. The ratings will surely give you an idea of Hero’s effectiveness in a particular section of the game.

Best 5-star Characters of Epic Sever Tier List:

The 5-star characters of Epic seven contain the best heroes or characters having an overall rating from 8.9 to 9.7. The total score goes down to 7.5 or so, but we choose a suitable one for you.

Character NameWorldAbyssBoss HuntRaidArenaGuild WarsOverall
Arbiter Vildred1099.59.510109.7
Seaside Bellona9910910109.5
Ruele Of Light8.598.59.510109.3
Little Queen Charlotte8.598.5910109.2
Martial Artist Ken99.589109.59.2
Specter Tenebria8.5999.
Judge Kise9889.510109.1
Sol Badguy99.5109.5889.0
Fallen Cecilia8988.510108.9

Best 4 Star Characters in Epic Seven:

The characters included in our best 4-star Epic Seven tier list features Auxiliary Lots as the top one with an overall score of 9.3. Browse the following table to see more exciting heroes.

Character NameWorldAbyssBoss HuntRaidArenaGuild WarsOverall
Auxiliary Lots8.598.59.510109.3
Challenger Dominiel9.599.510999.3
Assassin Cartuja9.58899.59.58.9
Blood Blade Karin9.578.58109.58.8
Blaze Dingo98.588.58.598.6
Crimson Armin7.5989998.6
Assassin Coli88799.59.58.5
Shooting Star Achates78.5899.598.5
Celestial Mercedes87.5989.58.58.4
Champion Zerato88107.
General Purrgis7.579899.58.3

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