These Are Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

best manga app

Well, it’s not been much time since I became aware of Manga, I’ve been enlightened by my Cousin and of one of my best friend. Both of these personalities are a fan of these manga’s, and I assure you they would spend every last second of their free time on these comics stories. I do not know many with such craze of Manga reading. However, I think most of the fans would behave similarly. Now let’s get to the central theme of the story, and it is finding the best Manga Reader Apps for Android.

Top Manga Reader Apps for Android

Manga is part of Japanese culture for quite some time now, and after the usage of the internet, it is no longer limited to Japan. The readership of Manga’s is growing worldwide, and many are looking for more natural ways to read these anime story magazines. So, here’s what I can contribute and its this list of best android apps for manga readers. It is also worth pointing out Manga’s are read backward from right to left. The reason behind it is the language they are written in, and it is Japanese. So, you may find many online solutions to read manga stories online, but these are perfect apps to read it on your smartphones.

1. ZingBox Manga

ZingBox has a vast collection of manga comics with many options to choose from and learn whatever you love. This app also offers an opportunity to download and read manga offline for later usage. The support of Damnu system for commenting purpose is also available in ZingBox. It is an ideal app for those who just jumped into the Manga world and didn’t want to sink.

best manga app

Price: Free (ad-supported)

2. Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll Manga is one stop app for both Anime and Manga readers, and it comes in a subscription model. It allows users to create an account and read many free manga and anime comic books and, bad thing in terms of usability is it doesn’t allow to signup through social apps.

Free account allows users to add manga to favorites, bookmark a specific page, change orientation feature. People looking for latest manga books can also get this app because they update their database as soon as a new manga hit the shelves in book stores.

Price: $6.95

best manga app

3. MangaZone

As the name suggests, MangaZone is another Android app for manga readers. It is developed with a focus on manga fans. You can find more than 15,000 titles translated into the English language those are ready to be read by users of the app. The interface of MangaZone is a bit glitchy, and you may not find smooth operations.

Price: Free (ad-supported)

best manga app

4. Manga Master

Manga Master is yet another listing to feature in the list because of the improvements needed by MangaZone. It has over 24,000 manga titles ready to be read for free. Not just that but developers are continually updating their database with new launches of the manga. The manga is updated frequently from several reputable sources Mangakakalot app and MangaPanda and includes titles like Bleach and Naruto.

Not all titles are free though. The app works on a freemium model where some claims are payable. Still, as we know, not all manga books can be free.

Price: $0.99 onwards

best manga app

5. Manga Rock

Manga Rock is among the most used apps by Manga readers with over 1 million downloads on Play Store alone. It has over 100,000 titles of manga ready to be read by its users. This app has a powerful user interface that works great without any issue. They have a massive collection of stories and update it continually. Manga Rock has AI integrated into its code that suggests reader titles by tracking what they read earlier using the app. It has the support of both viewing angles. Not just that but Manga rock also features favorites and bookmarks option for the convenience of the users of the app.

Price: Free is ad-supported, Premium is $3.99

best manga app

6. Tachiyomi

Tachiyomi is a widely used open source manga reader app with its code available on Github. It is entirely ad-free app with many amazing features like viewing experience, interface, and reading Mangas. There is plenty of option to optimize the app as per your choice. This app gets regular updates by many developers and most of the time has the latest manga ready to read by readers. You can also make changes request on Github

Price: Free

best manga app

So What’s Our Choice Among Best Manga Reader Apps for Android

If you are looking for free and best manga reader I would recommend you to go for Manga Rock it is an amazing app.

The second choice of mine would be Manga Rock because it is paid and has many customizations.


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