Top 8 Team Collaboration and Communication Tools 2018

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Best team Collaboration and Communication Tools

Email stood unchallenged as the primary mode of communication since early era of computing and internet, not even instant messaging could shift us from communication through emails. But due to the rise mobiles and smart device, there was a need to modify communication channel for those who work in a team and manage their teams that’s where team and enterprise collaboration and communication tools come in and in this post, I will be covering best available team collaboration and communication tools.

There are dozens of software available for team collaborations but I will be listing the best 8 in this article.

Slack has popularised the concept of such tools through offering features like integration or organizational tools and data storage along with communication of team members on different topics. With the help of a right tool, you can work from home and still manage your teamwork and overlook their work.


Best team Collaboration and Communication Tools 2018

They let you communicate and work on tasks with your co-workers in real-time, regardless of where you happen to be. You don’t even have to own a business – perhaps you’re a freelancer. So Let’s start with 8 top tools for team collaboration and communications.

1. Slack

Slack is a popular and well-crafted platform offering instant messaging, file transfers and powerful message search. It has many features and dozens of integrations with other tools like Trello and Intercom.

Platforms: Web, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone | Features: Drag-and-drop files, on-desktop notifications, group projects | Video calls: Yes | Integrations: Dropbox, Google Docs, Box | Free trial: Free version available

2. Asana

One of the most well-known projects management tools, Asana allows users to assign tasks to other members, add followers to projects and monitor deadlines. It’s very useful as a to-do list or calendar for strategic planning.

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android | Features: To-do lists, project templates, dashboards | Video calls: Yes | Integrations: Slack, Dropbox, Github | Free trial: Yes

3. Podio

Podio is an extremely flexible and highly customizable online hub for work and communication. Because it’s so user-friendly and scales easily for growing businesses.

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android | Features: File sharing, project tracking | Video calls: No | Integrations: Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Zendesk, Campaign Monitor | Free trial: No

4. Ryver

Ryver is similar to Slack, aiming to give your organisation a highly effective means of communication, and an easy way to talk over tasks, ensuring that deadlines are met.

Platforms: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android | Features: Easy-to-use newsfeed, filters, file sharing | Video calls: No | Integrations: Dropbox, Gmail, Box, Basecamp, Yammer | Free trial: Free product

5. Trello

The platform allows you to work with boards or lists, which can be organized by teams and different tasks. And within these, you can set up to-do lists and delegate amongst colleagues. There’s also the option to assign comments to cards – a quick way to give feedback to others.

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android | Features: Create boards and lists, flexible project management | Video calls: No | Integrations: Evernote, GitHub, Google Drive, Slack | Free trial: Free version available

6. Flock

Flock is another application very similar to Slack but is arguably a little less daunting to use and offers more comprehensive communication tools. Flock supports channels for different teams as well as 1:1 or group conversations. Users can search through messages, files and links and Flock will find it no matter who sent it and where.

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android | Features: File sharing, group chats | Video calls: Yes | Integrations: Yes | Free trial: Free version available

7. monday

monday is a collaboration tool that helps you communicate, set objectives and assign tasks. Its big advantage: it has a great visual design so it’s easy to understand and work with.

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android  | Features: File sharing, group chats | Video calls: No| Integrations: Yes | Free trial: No

8. Quip

Quip started off as a mobile app and released a desktop version later. Teams can import and work live on different file types. Edits are saved automatically and its chat, comment, and checklist features make collaboration easy.

Platforms: Web, iOS, Android | Features: File sharing, group chats | Video calls: No| Integrations: Yes | Free trial: Free trail available


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