Best Tools to Edit PDF File in Chrome

by Adeel Younas
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Best Tools to Edit PDF File in Chrome

Portable document formats are now widespread and are involved in every field whether student, teacher, doctors, engineers. All professions and fields encounter with PDF files in their daily jobs in some way. If you are a chrome book user, you must know its limitation to download or use a desktop PDF software.

But Chrome has made it easy to deal with PDF by providing all essential tools, and apps require for daily routine tasks or professional advance jobs. You can make you chrome browser a productive and efficient tool to perform any action.

Best Tools to Edit PDF File in Chrome

There are some useful extensions and tools available which can help you to deal with PDF files efficiently. We will tell you the easiest ways to edit a pdf and how you can use a tool to edit in chrome. Following are some of the essential and useful tools you can use to edit a PDF:

1. Pdfescape Editor

It is a useful tool when it comes to filling PDF forms online. Once downloaded from google store it is integrated with your chrome. Whenever you open a PDF form, it will be opened in PDFescape, and you can quickly fill out the form. You can also download, annotate and share the types but these features will be availed after registering.

2. PDF Buddy

It is also the perfect tool to view, annotate and edit PDF files online in a chrome book. It is available for free download in chrome store. Once downloaded and integrated into the browser you can use it anytime. Just drag and upload a file and start editing the way you want.

3. Doc Hub

Doc hub is another freely available tool to edit and share PDF files. Once downloaded you can use it free directly from your chrome to edit files, fill forms and merge documents. If advance editing is not required, then this is the best one for simple editing PDF documents.

4. Folia

It is an android based app which is used in chrome after conversion to ARC. Allows to read, edit and sign documents in portable document format. It is also available as an IOS app which allows to sync documents between two devices.

5. PDF Editor Online

PDF Editor Online is an extension that can be downloaded from chrome web store to use it directly on your browser. It supports editing, creation, annotation of PDF files. It is also free to download.

6. Hypothesis

Hypothesis is a chrome extension compatible to work with and web pages. You can edit any document and highlight the text you think to be given importance. Further annotations available to make your editing versatile.

7. iAnnotate

iAnnotate is also an ARC based tool which means it is also available in the android store. It can open multiple documents and edit them or annotate them and save. It also allows you to sync your files between an android mobile and chrome book.

New chrome book users might think it as a bad option to switch to chrome book. But chrome web store has thousands of extension, tools, and plugins which will work more efficiently than a desktop.

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