Best TVMuse Alternatives to Watch Movies Free and Legally

by Adeel Younas

In December 2018, a debate started on social media platforms, including Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook, about TV Muse service going down. All variants and available links of TVMuse went offline, and, along with, was one of them. Another rumour heated the debate even further, saying the platform might be dead due to legal issues and piracy concerns.

Well, almost nine months later, we decided to take peek at the matter and find what’s going on and also find any TVMuse alternatives, if any available. Luckily we found almost eight options to the service along with three working proxies that are still working (at least at the time of writing this article).

Best TVMuse Alternatives Legal and Free

1. Crackle


crackle by sony musetv alternative

Crackle from Sony is a free website to watch movies and TV shows without paying a cent. It is managed by Sony, one of the digital tech giants, and especially in movies, but still, it is entirely free. In case you are not in the United States or the countries. Crackle is providing service consider using a VPN to access it. It an easy to use website with a lot of options to browse movies through.

2. TubiTV


TubiTV musetv alternative

It is one of the best free streaming service available, earlier they required to register but now you can stream any movie or TV without registration. TubiTV is an impressive alternative to MuseTV which has interface quite similar to NetFlix and works like charm. Watching TV Show or Movies on TubiTV is a natural process, and you’ll love it.

3. Pluto TV


plutoTV musetv alternative

Another free service is PlutoTV which has tons of movies on their servers and to watch them you don’t even have to register an account. It works like charm like YouTube but for movies, it is available in different countries but you can always try using VPN to access blocked services. Pluto TV allows users to stream on preferred devices right away.

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4. Snag Films


snagfilms muse tv alternative

With dozens of streaming services, it is hard to compete against them and Snag Films is doing pretty well. This service usually keeps only recent movies, so if you are looking to watch an older one, it could be challenging to find it on Snag Films. This particular streaming service offers few older titles as well along with TV Shows but this list is quite limited. The most exciting part of the Snag Film being alternative to MuseTV is it’s completely free to use.

5. The Watch Series


The Watch Series

Watch Series has quite an old interface with a lot of movies with external links because they are not hosting anything on their servers. It is not a movie streaming platform but still has links to thousands of films and movies. It not just provide access to movies but also to TV Shows. Finding a movie is a pretty simple to enter a name in search and there you have it.

6. SideReel


sidereel muse tv alternative

SideReel is another TVMuse alternative with no streaming options. They are not having any films or movies or TV Show hosted on their servers. It is a service that provides external links to watch movies or TV shows. I personally didn’t like the way the site is managed because it doesn’t have a friendly interface and procedure.

7. Popcornflix


popcornflix alternative of musetv

If you have ever used TVMuse, then you are going to find Popcorn Flix amazing, both are quite similar in terms of the user interface. Though Popcornflix is free to use, the platform also lets you rent movies. The website is quite related to snag films but lacks in design. Like the aforementioned options, you won’t find the latest series to watch. The latest revamp of website layout has made it more premium and easy to access.

8. Yidio



Another option in the list of Yidio which works like a charm and also free to use. It has an impressive interface and Navigating through the menu is a lot easier compared to other alternatives of Muse TV. Finding a movie or TV show becomes a lot easier on this website.

That’s it and if you know about any noteworthy mention we forgot about, do let me know in the comment section below.

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