Top Web Hosting Services for Pakistan in 2022 [In-Depth Review]

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We are witnessing the evolution of the job market right before our eyes. The world is going digital, and companies are now putting more effort into their online presence. As their business makes a shift from in-store to online, a reliable site is key. Aesthetics aside, operations and security play a larger role, one that can be covered with the help of a web host. This is the way to establish a website location, making it discoverable during navigation.

The demand for spots online has increased, bringing a ton of web hosting companies to life. Sifting through them all can take ages, which is why we are here to help. There are a ton of top-rated hosts for websites coming out of Pakistan but, which one works the best for you and your site? Before going into specifics and revealing our picks, let us first introduce you to the different types of servers.

Types of Web Hostings

Before we proceed with a detailed review of the web hosts; having basic know-how of and what is Web hosting and its type is mandatory. These are the common types of web hosting packages you can avail of from almost all of these providers.

Shared Hosting

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These are considered the most economic and lands you a location on a server that is shared with other sites. This is ideal for startup and small businesses that see minimal traffic (below 100,000 per month).

Dedicated Hosting

If the performance of your site is essential to your business and you’ve got a strong following, this could be the best option for you. You will not share, having the entire server plus computer power concentrated on only your website.

Cloud Hosting (VPS)

Think about this as a highly elastic zone where you can tailor all functions to your needs. This type of server is cloud-based, coming with expandable space to add multiple websites. Big businesses with complex and multi-functioning systems will thrive in this type of atmosphere.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a bit unique as it can function as its own site hosted by any of the three types above or, as a WordPress pages itself. This is highly used by bloggers and journalists or other types of content creators.

What’s a Good Web Host Anyway?

Because of the massive importance of an online presence, you can think of a web host as a business partner. Once you know what type of host will serve you and your business best, here are a few features that you should keep your eyes peeled for:


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This is minor on the scale but, you should still consider it. Don’t be afraid to compare prices, especially among trusted companies. Some companies will try to charge for addons and additional features so, look for any all-inclusive packages offered.


The new wave of online junkies hates waiting. Considering the hardware and speed that the web host is using could bring user satisfaction through the roof and save you from losing business. Impatient clickers are on the rise and every visit to your website counts.

Customer Support

This is an extremely important factor. You need to be able to rest assured that, if technology starts to act up, you’ll have someone to call. Not only that but, someone that will work with you to build a long-lasting mutualistic relationship to keep your site up and running for years to come.


Cyber attackers are out there and in higher and higher numbers by the day. Attacks are on the rise and security measures must be taken. This is especially true if you’re working with sensitive customer details. The web host that you choose should provide options that work to seal off vulnerable areas and stay up to date with the latest and most iron-clad security measures.

Introducing, The Best Hostings Providers for Pakistan

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Now that you have a solid idea about all the things to consider when choosing the best web host for your site, we will introduce you to our top 5, showing how much you can expect to spend and how their overall outlook is around the web. Choosing any one of these local hosting providers in Pakistan, you’ll be satisfied, joining millions of others who have trusted their online presence to these five names.

Web Host Priced From Number of Domains Hosted Rating
A2 Hosting Rs. 4,000/year 100,000+ 4.8
Sudoly Rs. 2,700/year 1,000+ 4.8
WebSouls PKR 4500/year 4000+ 4.7
SkyHost.PK Rs. 2,550/year 5000+ 4.6
HostBreak PKR 125/month 3500+ 4.8

1. A2Hosting

The central servers for A2Hosting are located in Singapore. The close proximity and fastest 24TB link between both countries (Pakistan and Singapur) allow for rapid loading times for Pakistani web surfers. If you’ve got a debit card to pay online this is our recommended web hosting service and I can vouch for the performance of their servers. They go on 71% sale every year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday; which is the best time. They have a reputation for best-in-class when it comes to speed, with an optional Turbo Boost that is 20X faster included in some packages plus, have an overall positive aura when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Pros Cons
All-inclusive packages We’re stumped…
Top-ranked speedy servers
Amazing customer care


A Look at the Plans:

Shared: USD $2.99/Month includes 100GB of SSD Storage

Dedicated: USD $99.59/month includes unlimited websites and storage plus free site migration

VPS: USD $5.00/month with unlimited websites and storage all around plus free automatic backups

2. Sudoly

Over 2,000 websites are hosted with us, including government and education organization websites from Pakistan. Although our hosting company is registered in Perth, Western Australia, 95% of our customers are from Pakistan. The reason for having a large amount of Pakistani clients is because we accept Pakistani local payments, such as Easypaisa, Mobi cash, and local bank transfer while the web host company is an Australian company.

Keeping payment methods aside, the host is known for its blazing fast speed with top security features enabled on the server. Such as live malware scanning in real-time, DDoS protection, brute force protection, and many more. Sending you packages in Pakistani rupees now.

Pros Cons
Affordable We’re stumped…
Speedy servers
Amazing customer care


Plans Start from Shared Hosting: PKR 250 / month or PKR 2,600 / year [1GB SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth]

Resellers Hosting: PKR 3,400 / month [10GB SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited cPanel Creation]

VPS Hosting: PKR 2,300/Month [2 CPU, 2GB RAM, 40GB HDD (SSD Boosted), 3TB Bandwidth, Managed]

Dedicated Hosting: PKR 18,900/Month [32GB RAM, 2×2 TB HDD (RAID SOFT/JBOD), DDOS Protected, Unlimited Bandwidth, Managed]


3. WebSouls

This is one of the top web hosts in the industry. Their prices may be a bit on the more expensive side but, it is totally worth every penny. They have especially strong features that suit websites with a larger number of clientele. Since their introduction to the world wide web in 2006, they’ve been breaking molds and creating custom options for websites across the globe.

Pros Cons
Amazing customer care A bit pricey
Fewer websites per server Domains are limited
Maximum resource usability

A Look at the Plans: 

Shared: Unlimited bandwidth and disk space for PKR 5450/year

Dedicated: PKR 6999/month with INTEL XEON X3450 2.66Ghz plus 8GB RAM

VPS: PKR 700/month includes 1GB RAM and 10BG Disk

4. SkyHost.PK

Sky Host is actually a Pakistani-owned and operated web host that has a lot to offer. They have several plans to choose from plus, a large number of applications powered by their Quad-Core Servers. Compared to other hosting sites out there, Sky Host is affordable and comes with the ability to be molded and shaped to suit all kinds of customer needs.

Pros Cons
Tons of plans to choose from Plans can get pricey
Pakistani owned and operated
Superb customer support

A Look at the Plans:

Shared: Coming in at only Rs. 2550/year. With 1GB of Disk and 2 databases

Dedicated: Rs. 6000 with 40GB Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth and up to 5 addon domains

VPS: Rs. 9000/year with unlimited disk space, addons, and databases

5. Host Break

These guys made their introduction to the web back in 2014 slowly climbing up the ranks as one of the best. Apart from hosting and providing lots of affordable options for providing unmatchable security services, Host Break is a great option for websites of all kinds.

Pros Cons
Ironclad security Limited domains
Cutting edge servers

A Look at the Plans:

Shared: Coming in at only PKR 125/month plus 1GB Disk Space and 30GB monthly available for transfer

Dedicated: PKR 300/month with 3GB Disk Space and 15 total MySQL Databases

VPS: PKR 3000 with 2GB RAM 40GB bandwidth and 20GB storage

Before You Go

We are all becoming used to getting things done fast. As internet speeds and technologies advance, companies that rely on their online presence have flourished, giving customers access to their services from anywhere and at any time. As this shift continues, keeping a webpage on the map and up and running is crucial.

Choosing a web host for websites in Pakistan shouldn’t be a hassle, especially now that you have the top five in the industry. Once you find out which type of server will best fit your company’s needs, its best to do some shopping around, making sure that you are completely satisfied with this long-term relationship. Take your time, read the fine print, and then take your pick. Finding the best web host used to be like searching for price charming, having to kiss a lot of frogs along the way. Nowadays, you’ll have love, at first sight, watching as your webpage evolves and your business explodes.

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