It is the age of technology, and Yes it is true you can earn while sitting at home there are many bloggers, developers, designers and freelancers working online and making a reasonable amount of money for their living. While many bloggers are still struggling to get to the peak, many are newbies out there who are looking for How Blogging Works? and is it profitable?, to those, I would say yes It pays but it requires commitment and dedication. If you are into blogging or an entrepreneur looking to develop an app or website for your startup you will need a web hosting. In a country like our Pakistan, there are a lot of web hosting providers that make it harder for us to get reliable web hosting. I think everyone deserves to know which web hostings are really good and trustable in terms of support, expenditure, and service. This is the reason which urged me to make a list of best web hosting in Pakistan.

If you think you can become rich in a matter of days or months, don’t go for Blogging. However, If you have skills and passion (above all) you can start earning in days from Freelancing by solving others problem and developing software, designing logos, etc.

Well, let’s make it shorter and come to the point, If you are reading this article it means you are looking for a reliable and best web hosting in Pakistan and may be cheap VPS provider in Pakistan. It is a bit difficult to find a good web host because there are a lot of Web Hosting Companies and many of them not as good as they claim to be.

These are Best Web Hosting in Pakistan

I have searched a lot and gathered the information from several sources including customers, blogs owners and other means of assessment. Most importantly my own experience related to hosting on different web hostings in Pakistan. These are reliable and trustworthy web hostings in Pakistan:

Name Price Domains Hosted
A2Hosting Rs. 4,000/year 100,000+
HosterPK Rs. 1900/yr. 10,000+
Navicosoft Rs 1500/yr. 2,000+
Sudoly Rs. 1300/yr. 2000+
WebSouls Rs. 4,500/yr. 4000+
CreativeOn Rs. 1,200/yr 5000+

Top Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

Here’s are the best web hosting services worth giving a chance in Pakistan. You can choose one of these hosting providers these are best among all other providers.

1. A2Hosting

best web hosting in PakistanIt is my recommendation to use A2Hosting especially if you are going to target Pakistan/India based audience. If you are looking to run a WordPress based blog/website with the fastest speed available for Asia and especially Pakistan, Singapur, India, China then you must go for A2Hosting. If you are looking for WordPress hosting Pakistan they are providing one of the top of the line WordPress web hosting in Pakistan. Especially their turbo package is optimized for WordPress and can sustain for up to 1,400 users (in my experience). Why I am recommending this hosting provider to Bloggers? The answer is quite simple, Pakistan has a direct 24TB link with Singapur connecting it to the globe. This 24TB uplink makes website hosted on A2Hosting’s Singapur Datacenter load blazing fast in Pakistan. I’ve personally tested it, and currently I am hosting on their servers they are reliable and especially their support is excellent. (P.S: I am not paid to write this, It’s my personal experience that I wanted to share with my Audience).

Plans Start from

  • Shared Hosting: 3.92 USD [Hosting]
  • VPS Hosting: 5 USD/Month [512 MB, 20 GB SSD]
  • Dedicated Hosting: 9.31 USD/Month [2 GB RAM, Unlimited Storage]

Get A2Hosting

2. HosterPK

best web hosting in Pakistan

HosterPK is yet another fast-growing web hosting company with more than 5000+ hosted websites in Pakistan. Most servers of the company are located in Germany. The company offers the cheapest yet reliable hosting in Pakistan. They are not just web hosting providers but providing domains registration service as well or I should say the best domain hosting in Pakistan. Support will also satisfy you, and you will be helped by the support team whenever you need assistance. The flexible plans at HosterPK allow you to choose a suitable package according to your blog or website’s need. But if you have a huge amount of traffic on your site or blog, you should go to VPS from Linode or A2Hosting.


  • Affordable Packages
  • Reliable Hosting Servers
  • Free Domain with Yearly Packages


  • VPS and Dedicated Hosting is Quite Expensive

Plans Start from

  • Shared Hosting: PKR 2,300 [Hosting + Domain]
  • VPS Hosting: PKR 5,050/Month [3GB RAM, 75GB HD]
  • Dedicated Hosting: PKR 8,500/Month [1GB RAM, 250GB HD]

Get HosterPK Hosting

3. Navicosoft

best web hosting company in PakistanSince 2004, Navicosoft has grown a lot. With US-based servers, the company is providing quality web hosting and domain registration services to its clients at very affordable prices. I have been using the hosting services of Navicosoft for one of my websites and found it brilliant. Uptime of the servers is almost 100%, and your site will perform faster on shared plans with Navicosoft than any other company. Also, support of the company is also brilliant, and you will get instant help whenever you face any issue with your website or blog. The only drawback of the company is that it doesn’t provide unlimited domains for hosting packages. i.e., if you purchase the unlimited hosting with Navicosoft, you can use only one domain with it.


  • Good Support
  • Excellent Servers


  •  Limited Domains

Plans Start from

  • Shared Hosting: PKR 1,500 [Hosting + Domain]
  • VPS Hosting: PKR 1,500/Month [500MB RAM, 20GB HD]
  • Dedicated Hosting: PKR 11,800/Month [8GB RAM, 500GB HD]

Get NavicoSoft Hosting

4. Sudoly

best web hosting provider in PakistanSudoly is a good example of such a web hosting company. The company has been providing its services since 2014. It tends to focus on providing the best security available for any type or form of hosting. With all, it’s shared and resellers hosting servers being DDOS protected with the cPanel administrative control panel, LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS), and Softaculous being installed onto each one, making managing of websites easier and more efficient. Also, they take backups of each website every month on all their remote servers to keep every client’s data safe.

Furthermore, if the customer’s database corrupts for whatever reason or data is lost, then all it takes is to contact their staff, and you will have a full data recovery in no second. Moreover, if in the extreme case when high traffic blasts your website, taking it down, on your host, their team will take control and optimize your site to cope better with the situation at hand, having your website running smoothly, even with high traffic. Satisfied customers and clients of the web hosting have vouched that this is one of their primary features that sets them apart from other hosting companies. According to statistics from a server test taken by Sudoly, the highest amount of traffic their servers can withstand is more than 10,000 real-time users online all at the same time.


  • Good Support
  • Excellent Servers


  •  Limited Domains


Plans Start from

  • Shared Hosting: PKR 250 / month or PKR 2,600 / year [1GB SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth]
  • Resellers Hosting: PKR 3,400 / month [10GB SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited cPanel Creation]
  • VPS Hosting: PKR 2,300/Month [2 CPU, 2GB RAM, 40GB HDD (SSD Boosted), 3TB Bandwidth, Managed]
  • Dedicated Hosting: PKR 18,900/Month [32GB RAM, 2×2 TB HDD (RAID SOFT/JBOD), DDOS Protected, Unlimited Bandwidth, Managed]

Get Sudoly Hosting

5. WebSouls

best web hosting in Pakistan

WebSouls is one of the four companies of FutureSouls Group of companies, founded in 2002. Comparatively, their hosting plans are costly, but servers are reliable if you have a website with a lot of visitors per day. Their shared hosting plans start from 4,500PKR/Year; the company is providing VPS hosting beginning from 700PKR/Month and Dedicated Servers starting from 6,999PKR/Month.


  • Dedicated Support
  • Fewer Websites on Servers
  • Maximum Resource Usability


  • Expensive
  • Limited Domains

Plans Start from

  • Shared Hosting: PKR 4500 / YEARLY
  • VPS Hosting: 700/Month [1GB RAM, 10GB HD]
  • Dedicated Hosting: PKR 6,999/Month [8GB, 2TB]

Get WebSouls Hosting

6. Nexus

best web hosting in PakistanOur next recommendation is‘s hosting services at which you will find brilliant web hosting features at affordable prices. The company is serving Pakistani bloggers and website owners for a long period of 14 years since 1999, and it has a large number of satisfied customers. These stats show that Nexus is doing well in a field of web hosting.


  • Affordable Packages
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Many Packages and Add-ons to Choose From


  • Domain Registration is not included in the Package
  • Limited Domains

Plans Start from

  • Shared Hosting: PKR 1500 / YEARLY [1GB Space, 10GB Bandwidth]
  • VPS Hosting: PKR 2000/Month [1GB RAM, 15GB SSD, 15GB Bandwidth]
  • Dedicated Hosting: PKR 8000/Month [16GB, 500GB HD, 2TB Bandwidth]

Get Nexux Hosting

7. CreativeOn

best web hosting company in is operational since 2001 and is providing quality web hosting services to its clients at affordable prices. Not only in Pakistan, but the company also has many satisfied customers from all over the globe. You will also find it a perfect choice for your online business as others do.

Get CreativeON Hosting

Best Cheap VPS Hosting in Pakistan

When it comes to VPS hosting for Pakistan based bloggers, there are dozens of factor to consider like latency, data centers, the location of servers, etc. I am suggesting those VPS providers that deliver maximum speed at low latency and location of their servers is in countries with a direct link to Pakistan. So, these are few cheap VPS providers for Pakistan based Bloggers:

1. Linode

Linode is an international VPS provider with over millions of users including me. I’m hosting few domains on their VPS in Singapur DataCenter that provides the reliable speed for Pakistan based users. I included Linode in cheap VPS hosting in Pakistan list because they are offering much better performance compared to local web hosting resellers. They are providing reliable and affordable VPS hosting. If you need VPS hosting or looking for a server to host website/web app or blog with colossal traffic I would recommend Linode. They are offering a variety of packages ranging from $5 up to $1000+. I am urging them because they have a data center in Singapur that provides the fastest possible route of traffic to your website users in Pakistan.


  • Multiple data centers
  • Affordable pricing
  • Consistent uptime delivery


  • Domain Registration is not included in the Package
  • Limited Domains

Get Linode VPS

If you think I missed anything/anyone in this list of best web hosting in Pakistan or there is a web hosting provider which you think should be on the list let us know in comments below.


  1. is another domain and hosting provider in pakistan cheap webhosting with free domain as low as Rs.1800/year

  2. Well, i think there are many companies providing web hosting in cheapest
    rates, but their reliabiliy, speed, support is not good, they provide
    unlimited web hosting and when we use 2 gb of that storage they say
    please read our terms and services, we donot allow bla bla contents and
    file types, i have my web site hosted more than a year with birdhost web
    they are best, they also provide unlmited hosting but it is only for
    web contents and they refer you to their terms and conditions when you
    place an order. they are best, provdie best support i never saw before,

  3. For web hosting companies in Pakistan and specially for people of Karachi, Xeetec Hosting will be the next choice. Their servers are located around the world.

    Purely US based support.
    Guaranteed less than 30 min response time to your tickets.
    Live chat and global phone support.

    You can visit them here at

    They can accept payments from EasyPaisa mobile account as well if you cannot pay through credit card.

  4. Thanks for the listing some of the hosting companies list here.
    I would like to mention / add another hosting company or it will be wise if you can add that into the above list too, that will be great.

    Unique Links – One of the best web hosting company – is operating in Pakistan since 2003.

    We are providing the best hosting at very low cost. We are working at no profit no loss basis. Our main goal is to provide best suitable hosting to all Pakistanis in an affordable price!

  5. DesigningHost is a reliable Website Design, SEO Service and Web Hosting company in USA, UAE, UK, Pakistan and across the globe.

    We also provide cheapest, reliable 100% uptime VPS Server and Dedicated Server (Managed & Un-Managed) with / without Cpanel.

    Web hosting is the space which is required to host a website on web server. No website and email service can be run without attaching web hosting to the domain.

    Most hosting companies require that you own your domain in order to host with them. If you do not have a domain, we will help you purchase one.

    Our shared web hosting packages are different. Each package comes with access to a technical adviser who helps with FTP access, transferring files, and setting up security for your site.

    DesigningHost customer support is available free of charge. Connection charges can vary when calling from outside the area, abroad or from a mobile phone.

    Whatsapp: +1 (616) 201-2635
    Phone: +92 (332) 208-8047
    Email: [email protected]

      • A technical review should be given in detail about technologies.

        I am running my different sites with them they have already provided me some monitoring tools that send me emails & sms if my sites goes down of faces any wordpress error or any case or HTTP response i am notified on mobile and email. This is the great tool that no one really cares about your site uptime not even GoDaddy, iPage,SiteGround
        all just take your money. Since I migrated from HostGator which has extra charges for SSL installation and 3Rd Party SSL.
        For just SSL I have to pay around $35 + $20 EXTRA.
        I am not talking about pakistani companies they are far away from top hosting providers.
        Another issue was Host Gator sites got compromise I have 3 sites which was infected, malware was injected and all backups are also replicated with them.
        Their was really no way to get thing work again except re designing a site.

        I have real live examples of many scenarios.

  6. Competition is tough, but quality of services does matter, and thats why i started my Hosting Company 2 years ago. Frankly people expect to get quality product at cheap rates, and they fell for above companies. But if you look at the above companies Reviews you can see not even 50% of the customers are satisfied (excluding A2Hosting and Navicosoft, as they are not Pakistani). What make us different?, we take care of the customer for real, and help them through their journey. We dont want to sell hosting, we want our customer to nourish. We want out customers to feel that someone will take care of them no matter what!!!….
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  7. I personally feel that is one of the best web hosting providers in the web hosting industry Pakistan. It is best place to manage your web hosting, as it only provides services for WordPress hosting. It’s a trustworthy platform for secure hosting services.
    They tried to focus on the requirements of their customers and put serious effort in their work to make their services best for the customers.
    They support and assist their customers in all capable ways; they tried to solve all problematic issues related to hosting and ssl etc.The OBhost team also proffers protection and maintenance assistance.


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