Breaking: Saudi Arabia to Unblock Skype, WhatsApp & Viber within a week

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Good news for Pakistani emigrants in Saudi Arabia. The country has announced that it will be unblocking Skype, WhatsApp & Viber, a development that is sure to make the lives of the many emigrants easier who live and work in Saudi Arabia.

Gulf Countries Relax Strict Rules on Chatting Apps

WhatsApp was unblocked from the UAE back in June, and now Saudi Arabia is going to do the same. The Saudi Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Abdullah bin Amer Al-Sawahah officially said,

Coordination between the Communications and Information Technology Commission and telecommunications service providers is underway to enable everyone to benefit from applications that provide voice and video communications over the Internet.

He also said cooperating bodies had confirmed their commitment enabling all users in the Kingdom to start using applications to make voice and video calls of the highest quality. He added that all applications would be monitored and reviewed periodically by the crew.


Blocked Since 2013

WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype were blocked back in 2013 by the Saudi government because they “did not meet the regulatory conditions” of the country.

“This cooperation between the Kingdom’s telecoms partners comes under the umbrella of ‘Customer First,’ policy in which everyone works to give all telecom subscribers in the Kingdom the best services that meet their expectations and satisfy their needs,” said Al-Sawahah.


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