Brown Dust Tier List Global Guide 2020 All Tips & Tricks

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If you are a brown dust fan, then you probably know about the brown dust tier list. Moreover, you might have been looking for helpful resources to collect data in a more sophisticated way. So, here is what you are finding on the web.

Brown Dust Tier List – Best Supporter, Warriors, Magicians, and Defenders

All of you might know about the best mercenaries of the famous mobile game Brown Dust. Furthermore, you might know about the power, value, place in the meta, and other information about each character.

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To pick the best team of mercenaries, you will surely need some best characters with the highest ratings. Generally, the characters separated into four mains types, including the warrior, magician, defender, and supporter.

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Furthermore, these types of characters have colors such as Blue to Defenders, Purple to Magician, Green to Supporter, and Red to Warrior. So, before, wasting any further time, let us get started with our Brown Dust tier list.

Best 5 Start Characters in Brown Dust:

There have been several characters included in the tier list. This section will only provide you a list of 5-star brown dust characters that are having a minimum rating of 8.5/10. The score goes down to 7.5 and so.

Character Name Type Ratings
Venaka Supporter 10/10
Seir Defender 10/10
Angelica Warrior 10/10 (Legend)
Lucius Defender 10/10 (Legend)
Velfern Magician 10/10 (Legend)
Levia Magician 10/10 (Legend)
Refithea Supporter 10/10 (Legend)
Edin Warrior 9.5/10
Siegmund Warrior 9.5/10
Mary Supporter 9.5/10
Veronia Supporter 9.5/10
Arkan Defender 9.5/10
Beliath Supporter 9.5/10 (Legend)
Lillian Magician 9.5/10
Aaron Defender 9.5/10
Themis Supporter 9.5/10
Valze Warrior 9.5/10 (Legend)
Alex Warrior 9/10 (Legend)
Granhildr Defender 9/10 (Legend)
Celia Magician 9/10 (Legend)
Seto Warrior 9/10 (Legend)
Zenith Defender 9/10
Floria Supporter 9/10
Aie Magician 9/10
Dalvi Warrior 9/10
Asmode Support 9/10 (Legend)
Mamonir Defender 9/10 (Legend)
Natras Magician 8.5/10 (Legend)
Gunther Warrior 8.5/10
Glacia Defender 8.5/10
Deomaron Defender 8.5/10
Anubis Magician 8.5/10
Micihaela Supporter 8.5/10
Christina Warrior 8.5/10
Bathory Magician 8.5/10
Dwen Warrior 8.5/10
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There are dozens of other characters available, but we tried to mention those having a minimum rating of 8.5/10.

Best 4 Star Characters In Brown Dust:

The 4 start characters in the game start from 9.5 ratings and go down to 6.5 or so. The brown dust tier list of 4-star characters includes:

Character Name Type Ratings
Ceres Supporter 9.5/10
Zakan Warrior 9.5/10
Leto Warrior 9/10
Britain Defender 9/10
Hell Magician 9/10
Alche Warrior 9/10
Eunrang Warrior 9/10
Corette Warrior 9/10
Denarisa Defender 9/10
Chalke Magician 9/10
Kuwik Supporter 9/10
Naressa Supporter 9/10
Villa Warrior 8.5/10
Grosa Defender 8.5/10
Iris Supporter 8.5/10
Ino Supporter 8.5/10
Camila Warrior 8.5/10
Brisa Warrior 8.5/10
Serendia Supporter 8.5/10
Ebony Supporter 8.5/10
Vincent Supporter 8.5/10
Xenon Warrior 8/10
Ridel Warrior 8/10
Deka Warrior 8/10
Octavia Warrior 8/10
Joseph Defender 8/10
Frederica Defender 8/10
Mora Defender 8/10
Bruno Magician 8/10
Magnus Magician 8/10
John Supporter 8/10

Best 3 Star Characters in Brown Dust:

Apart from the best 4 and 5-star characters in the game, you should also focus on the following 3 start characters in the game:

Character Name Type Ratings
Hyeon Wol Supporter 9 /10
Ron Warrior 8.5/10
Mercedes Defender 8.5/10
Sloan Defender 8.5/10
Marron Warrior 8.5/10
Wiggle Warrior 8/10
Cordelia Warrior 8/10
Beatrice Warrior 8/10
Claris Supporter 8/10
Arines Supporter 8/10


These ratings are valid to date, in a future update, the classification of characters as mentioned above may change. However, we will make every effort to keep this data authentic.

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