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by Farhan Yousaf
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Men Women Fashion Items at One Place

With the awareness of fashion by the showbiz industry new trends and fads come and go frequently, people across the globe follow their favorite celebrities and adapt their style and so does people of Pakistan.

According to the survey, Pakistan has about 60% youth, and with such a huge percentage it is an opportunity for companies to tap this continuously evolving market of fashion. In Pakistan brick-and-mortar are preferred for clothing and other fashion accessories while e-commerce stores are preferred by people who don’t have time to roam in the malls or wait for hours in long traffic jams, they prefer the style with convenience.

BuhatAla.com – an e-commerce store is providing men and women fashion under one website.  The website has a variety of clothing and accessories for men and women at reasonable prices and lightning fast delivery at your doorstep, BuhatAla has collaborated with some well-known clothing brands to provide latest styles and prints for women, whereas for men the website has accessories of international brands. There is different bundle offers on the website which is quite amazing and low priced as compared to other online stores and brick-and-mortar.

Apart from having a complete range of clothing and different accessories for men and women, BuhatAla has much more to offer like night wears, sportswear, skin care and others. Everything on the website is 100% original and has a money back guarantee.

For Men and Women BuhatAla Offers:

The beauty of BuhatAla is, it has offered for everyone from lowest to highest prices and different brands, so it’s a one-stop shop for every individual.

Why buy from BuhatAla?

We know that buying clothes or another wearable from any online store usually does not match the expectations of customers, so we asked the manager of BuhatAla, what if someone orders clothes and does not like it due to its color or size?
The manager explained that they have return and exchange policies for these issues if a customer is not satisfied with the product, it can be exchanged or returned without any questions asked.

Furthermore, we got in touch with few of the customers of BuhatAla to confirm the claims made by the manager; the customers were delighted with the service and quality. One of the customers said, BuhatAla delivered her a gift along with her 5th order as a gesture of appreciation for being their loyal customer, she was delighted by the service and how BuhatAla treats their customers.

Well, that’s great!

I have personally experienced some leading online stores, and it disappointed when they did not return or exchanged the product as per their policy but BuhatAla promises to follow these policies, and the results can be seen in the form of satisfied customers.

Even though BuhatAla is a start-up but their customer service and product quality will be a key to their success and soon bring them on top of the list in the e-commerce industry.

Let us know what you ordered from BuhatAla.com and how was your experience?

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