Build 3D Games Without Coding With This Free Tool


During the last week, the search engine giant, Google has shifted its focus towards the video game industry.

Previously, the tech giant has presented Google Stadia. And, now the company has stated that it is also working on a tool for the development of games.

The tool is being created by Area 120 which is known as a workshop for experimental products of Google.

Apparently, the search engine giant named this tool as Game Builder. The prototype of this tool is already available on Stream for an Early Access.

It is possible that it remains unnoticed because only a few know the name of Google’s Area 120.

Well, if we talk about the functionality of this tool. Area 120 enables you to develop 3D games.

The plus part is that you do not have to learn some programming skills for it. It is just due to the introduction of a visual system based on cards.

The cards have certain behaviors such as actions, movements, various and conditional characteristics.

These characteristics are added to the characters and elements of the scenario.

Well, if you think that you have little bit knowledge in JavaScript then this tool allows you to create your own cards without using a compiler.

The search engine giant proclaims that the Game Builder tool contains an extensive API.

The API allows you to give life to every object via scripts. Moreover, you can also test those objects in real time.

One of the most important features is that it allows you to design games collaboratively.

This means, that users will have an option to collaborate with their friends for the development of the game.

Along with the availability of card library, the search engine giant has also introduced Google Poly 3D models. You can download the tool free of cost.


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