How to Cancel Discord Nitro Subscription? [Mac/Windows]

by Wajeeha Qureshi
Cancel Discord Nitro Subscription

The 2-minute read helps you cancel your Discord Nitro subscription instantly.

Now double your file sharing powers, enjoy hi-res video broadcasts, and boost your favorite community with Discord’s Nitro subscription. The subscription unlocks many epic perks and lets you get that shiny little boosting badge on your profile.

Once subscribed, you can enjoy all the Nitro classic chat features and some new exciting perks as well. All the core Discord features like broadcasting, group calling, creating several servers will be free and won’t cost you a penny.

How to Subscribe to Discord Nitro?

Let’s check how to sign up for Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Classic. There is no rule of thumb to do this; follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your Discord account.
  2. Go to User Settings.
  3. Open Discord Nitro
  4. Hit the Subscribe
  5. Choose one of the two plans: monthly or yearly.

discord nitro subscription

6. Scroll down the Discord Nitro User Settings

7. A new window opens that asks for your payment information.

discord nitro classic subscription

discord nitro subscription

8. Enter your credit card and payment information.

Congrats! You’ve unleashed all epicenes Discord Nitro offers.

How to Cancel Discord Nitro Subscription?

Follow these steps to cancel your Nitro membership from Discord’s website:

  1. Login to your Discord account.
  2. Go to your profile and open User Settings.
  3. Open the Subscriptions tab from the left panel.
  4. Hit the Cancel button next to your Nitro subscription.
  5. Answer the confirmation prompt that appears next.

how to cancel discord nitro subscription

That’s all, and you are good to go now.

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1. Can you cancel the Discord Nitro subscription?

Yes, you can. Open Subscriptions in User Settings and click the cancel button next to Discord Nitro subscription.

2. Can I pause my Discord Nitro subscription?

Yes! You can pause your Nitro subscription and keep your membership on hold. However, you won’t be able to use Nitro until you resume the subscription.

3. Can I get a refund for canceling Discord Nitro?

You can get the refund by requesting the cancellation from Discord’s website within five days of your purchase. After five days, even if you cancel your subscription, you won’t get the money refunded.

You can request a refund either through the company’s website, App Store, or Google play, depending upon where you purchased Nitro in the first place.

4. How long the company takes to refund Discord NITRO Subscription?

Once your request gets approved, you will get your money back within 2 to 60 days.

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