Capture the Clarity: Enter to Win Prizes in This Realme Competition!

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realme engages its audience and gives back to the community. Tech-equalizer often holds contests with realme products as prizes. Realme’s giveaway campaigns include #CapturetheClarity. Customers from across the country are encouraged to submit photos based on a given theme or concept to win realme devices.

Enter to Win a Realme Phone in Capture the Clarity Photography Competition

Realms’ @createwithrealme competition has featured black and white, sunrise and sunset, and Ramadan. #createwithrealme features the realme 9 4G. The new campaign offers nine photographic modes and topics. Participants can create content around their chosen themes and submit it using #CapturetheClarity to win a realme 9 4G. Explore realme-selected topics.

Capture the Clarity: Enter to Win Prizes in This Realme Competition!realme-9-4G
  1. Spark

Sparks can be generated by heat, light, or electricity. A spark can also symbolise hope. Participants are challenged to photograph on a smaller scale to amplify sparks around them.

  1. Nightscape Monochrome

Similar to the past black & white theme, submissions must include night-time scenes with a black & white filter. Participants will take low-light, artistic nighttime photos and add their own perspective.

  1. Light Painting

Photographers love light painting. Using a moving light source to illuminate a low-light scene. Photographers create the final image through light painting by altering the scene’s lighting.

  1. Silhouette

Photography relies on shadows. Shadows can affect how an image makes a viewer feel. A silhouette is a dark subject against a bright background. Silhouettes create artistic and dramatic photos.

  1. Nature

This theme encourages participants to explore nature. Nature photography is popular. This type of photography celebrates nature and our ecosystems. From mountainous forests to sandy beaches, nature’s beauty awaits your lens.

  1. Street View

The city streets inspire photographers. Participants must focus their submissions on city streets and the people and objects they may encounter. With enough exploration, the perfect shot is waiting in the urban jungle.

  1. Night Panorama

Panoramic photography creates wide-angle images. This photography style creates wide landscapes. Panoramas are useful for capturing a city’s nighttime skyline or showing a viewpoint’s field of view. Participants can experiment with capturing nighttime scenes.

  1. Starry Night

Night sky photography is popular. The night sky reveals cosmic mysteries. The starry night sky’s ever-changing canvas of stars, hues, and clouds inspires artists and photographers.

  1. Sunset View

Another popular #shotonrealme theme involves capturing images of the sky at sunset. Participants can focus on how the changing sky colours affect their scenes’ narratives.

realme has chosen nine talented, young, rising photographers to follow these themes. @createwithrealme Instagram has amazing submissions. Gather your realme devices and get inspired to win realme 9 4Gs. The new realme 9 4G has a 108MP ProLight camera with the first Samsung HM6 sensor. To enter, choose a theme, create content, follow @createwithrealme on Instagram, and use #CapturetheClarity before August 20, 2022.


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