Carlos Alcaraz gets Wimbledon 2022’s OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration Award

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OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration AwardPPO Breakthrough Inspiration Award

The All England Lawn Tennis Club and OPPO (Wimbledon’s Global Partner for the fourth consecutive year) recognize the greatness of the sport on show during this year’s Wimbledon event. The winner of the OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration Award was announced today, and he inspires not only the next generation of tennis players but also the fans in the stands and at home. This article was written by Carlos Alcaraz.

The OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration Award will be presented in 2022 at Wimbledon to… This article was written by Carlos Alcaraz.

The 19-year-old has four ATP singles championships this year and is currently ranked No.6 in the world, making him one of tennis’ most exciting young stars.

Carlos Alcaraz gets Wimbledon 2022's OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration AwardCarlos-Alcaraz

Tennis players at the height of their talents are the focus of this year’s prize, which has been renamed Inspiration Ahead in honor of OPPO’s new marketing idea. To compete against the greatest, you must overcome hardship and have a positive mindset. This award recognizes those who have done just that.

“Inspiration Ahead means showing confidence and poise when we are moving forward. It encourages us to remain resolved and graceful as we brave the storm and break the stagnation. Participating in sporting events is fantastic for OPPO to convey the mutually inspirational spirit and communicate OPPO’s technology innovation experience with our global users.” announced William Liu, OPPO’s Vice President and President of Global Marketing.

The finalists in this year’s Wimbledon championship were chosen by a panel of Wimbledon broadcast journalists. Carlos Alcaraz, Jannik Sinner, Tatjana Maria, and Harmony Tan were among the 2022 contenders for the OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration Award. Tennis fans all over the world were allowed to vote for the player who had impressed them the most during the competition on July 8.

OPPO is committed to breaking new ground and inspiring people worldwide. The OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration Award, which recognizes tennis players who represent these values, exemplifies this mentality. Wimbledon’s Centre Court has a diverse 100-year legacy as one of the world’s finest sports events, and motivating the next generation of tennis champions is crucial to keeping that history alive.


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