Call of Duty Black Ops III

What Will Get You Banned in Call of Duty: Black Ops III Multiplayer

Treyarch, the developer of COD Black OPs III has revealed their enforcement policy for the multiplayer part of the game, These are the conditions...
Top Ten Gaming Websites

Top 10 Most Popular Video Game Websites

This all was started back in 1974 with the trade magazine Play Meter, its been 30 year since the video games are part of...
rigged character in 3D Studio

How to animate rigged character in 3D Studio Max for 3D games?

3D Studio Max has multiple features of modeling and animating objects and 3D Characters. The timeline technique is labeled as a manual technique for animating...

Top 7 video games of 2014

The holidays should be all about fun and games. Fortunately, you can find both as gifts - and for a modest investment. In a year...


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