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Edward Snowden Presented Phone Case Revealing Spying

Edward Snowden was one of the designers of a mobile phone case that can show when a device is transmitting data...
Private Search Engine or Google

Reasons You Should Prefer Private Search Engines on Google

Google is everywhere and all-knowing. Our dependence on tech giants has empowered them tremendously at the expense of our privacy. We...
public wifi

PTA to Monitor Internet Users using Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

The WiFi hotspots are increasing in Pakistan, especially in Pakistan and PTA has come up with a regulation plan. PTA has...
android 2901140 1920

Is Android Really More Susceptible to Hacking than iOS?

The cliche is as old as smartphones themselves. With their restrictive walled-garden application sandboxing and their heavily policed App Store, Apple...
error 451

HTTP Code Error 451 Will Identify Web Censorship

Governments will no longer be able to hide restricted content across the internet. A new web status error code will notify...

Pakistani Hackers Force Indian Pilots to Listen to “Dil Dil Pakistan”

According to the news published by Times Of India, Pakistani Hackers have forced Indian pilots to listen ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ while...


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