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Darren Bilby Kiwicon

Antivirus tools are not good enough, says Google’s senior security engineer

Darren Bilby, Google's senior security engineer, in a conference in Wellington told his fellow hackers that antivirus tools are useless. Referring to a series...

MadLeets once again Defaced Allied Bank Website

Allied Bank's official website got hacked this weekend once again, Group of Hackers known as MadLeets a.k.a 1337 group, they gained the access to...
Samsung Bug Bounty

Samsung Will Pay You up to $200,000 for Hacking Galaxy Devices and Samsung Services

Samsung just joined the list of companies offering bug bounty programs including Apple, Microsoft. The company today announce starting of Samsung Bug Bounty Program,...
error 451

HTTP Code Error 451 Will Identify Web Censorship

Governments will no longer be able to hide restricted content across the internet. A new web status error code will notify visitors when a...
anonymous knockoff donald trump website against anti muslim speech 3

Anonymous Knockoff Donald Trump Website Against Anti-Muslim Speech

Donald Trumps Official website was hacked and defaced by hacker with tribute message for Jon Stewart — This time Anonymous done a DDOS attack and...

Huawei launches phone repair at your doorstep service

Huawei has announced a new initiative where it is going to offer a kind of Phone Postal Repair Service for its phone users. The customers can...


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