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A Short History of Computer Virus and Most Dangerous

History of Viruses is as old as the history of computer and electronics. I've compiled the list of most dangerous viruses...
How to get computerized licenses

How to get computerized arms licenses through NADRA

Government of Punjab is working for the provision of computerized arms licenses for the citizens of Province with the participation of...
ibm servers

China Starts Replacing IBM Servers With Local Brand over Cyber Threats

China has started replacing the imported servers with locally made systems, as tensions over the situation of cybersecurity between the U.S....

Toyota, Renault, and Chevrolet’s Guatemala Websites Hacked and Defaced

Toyota, Renault, and Chevrolet websites for Guatemala have been hacked and defaced by a group of hackers known as Cyber Criminals. The...

List of 25 Worst Passwords of 2013

 The list of worst passwords 2013, influenced by postings from the Adobe breach, demonstrates the importance of not basing passwords on the...


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