Visual Communication

Elements of Visual Communication and its Dimensions

What is visual communication? Visual communication is a form of communication done through visual aid. It is the conveyance of ideas and...

Realistic Lighting effect in 3D Studio Max

Lighting plays an important role in our daily life. We have seen various shots in films and movies with lighting variations...

Morphing is an animation technique in 3D Studio Max

Morphing technique is defined as “A special effect utilized in animations and motion pictures in order to change one 2D image...

3D visual effects (VFX) in 3D Studio Max are used to create illusions

While producing an animated film or any movie, visual effects (VFX) play their important role in creating realistic impact. It is...
Adobe photoshop 7.0 1

How filters are applicable in Adobe Photoshop 7.0?

Adobe Photoshop is graphical software that is used for making incredible art pieces with the use of images and drawing techniques....

Clothing a character in 3D Studio Max

The characters in 3D Studio Max are modeled using the basic shapes that are available in the software. Go to the...


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