List of Known Issues with iPhone XS, XS Max Since Launch

New iPhones are already in shipping state and most the reviewers are done conducting a review of the iPhone Xs and...
best iphone xs and iphone xs max screen protector

6 Best Screen Protectors for iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max [List]

If you already pre-ordered your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max and its on way towards you. Next most important thing...
Best iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Fast Wireless Chargers

9 Best iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Fast Wireless Chargers

If you've pre-order your iPhone then you must need a compatible fast wireless charger too along with your iPhone Xs or iPhone...

Apple iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max Pre-Orders are now open

Apple has recently launched three new iPhones this Wednesday. Three launches confirmed months of speculation for devices. It has also revealed...
ios 12

iOS 12 is announced and Here are Few New and Improved Features

Apple has revealed its new OS for its smartphones and tablets at its developer conference in San Francisco on Monday. This...
Apple Knew That The iPhone 6 Would Bend, But Lied About It

Apple Knew iPhone 6 Would Bend But Lied About It

If you are an even little bit interested in phones and especially iPhones you should know about the Bendgate case and problems...


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