Twitter is removing ‘locked’ accounts, again

For numerous reasons, Twitter wants to get rid of fake accounts that are widely spread across its platform. Previously in July, many...

YouTube TV apologizes for outage with a one-week credit

Recently, the maximum of you might have experienced an outage of Youtube TV, probably on October 16th. You need to check out...
Twitter Under DGPR Investigation

Twitter is Being Investigated for How It Tracks Users

Twitter is under investigation by Irish privacy authorities over its refusal to provide information about how twitter tracks him/her when clicks...

10 hidden features of WhatsApp you didn’t know existed

Whatsapp’s recent launch of its new desktop app has added a list of new things that users can do. However, it...
Facebook hack friday

Facebook Network Is Breached with Hack Affecting 50 Million Users

Facebook faces a major hack on Friday that affected 50 million peoples. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said "patched the issue last night...
Meet Google’s New Prototype Search Engine for China

Meet Google’s new Prototype Search Engine for China

If you have some knowledge of the internet and China you must be aware of China's blockade of the popular website...


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