Facebook Messenger with AR games

Facebook Messenger with AR games

Facebook has copied another Snapchat's augmented reality feature Snappables to its Messenger video chat. Facebook Messenger with AR games Messenger's augmented reality feature...
Facebook Ad

Facebook is bringing augmented reality ads to the News Feed

Today it is reported that a social media giant, Facebook is going to test its latest augmented reality ads in its...
Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger adds World Cup-themed filters and games

You may all know Football World Cup is going to start soon, therefore, everywhere on Twitter, sports broadcaster and in video...

Facebook reportedly sold user data to businesses in secret deals

Back in 2015, Facebook claimed that it has denied developers from accessing its user data, today it seems that Facebook failed...
Huawei and Facebook

Facebook’s Huawei agreement had made lawmakers mad.

A series of reports this week revealed that, for the past 10 years, Facebook's has been sharing data not just with...

Another Personality Quiz on Facebook Exposes Data of 3 Millions Users

In March it was revealed how a personality quiz on Facebook with the name thisisyourdigitallife managed to access and then sell...


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