Twitter Under DGPR Investigation

Twitter is Being Investigated for How It Tracks Users

Twitter is under investigation by Irish privacy authorities over its refusal to provide information about how twitter tracks him/her when clicks...

Twitter reportedly suspended 58 million accounts in Q4 2017

It is reported that Twitter has suspended 70 million accounts back in May and June, the company proclaimed that all are fake...

Twitter is the latest tech giant losing its security chief

According to a spokesperson from Twitter has confirmed that the chief information security officer of the company, Micheal Coates, who joined...
10 tech facts

10 things in tech you need to know today

You are probably reading a lot of tech stuff lately so to save your time a list is compiled for 10...
Social Media ban

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to Remain Blocked Till Further Notice!

The government of Pakistan has decided to keep social media websites blocked in Pakistan including Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion and Twitter until...

Twitter Admits It Recently Overcharged For Ads

Twitter have done something screened the rites of information to uncover the disagreement of Facebook, the latest information leaked through...


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