Konbola: A Mobile App for Sending Instant Emergency Alerts

Konbola is an Android mobile app that can help you in a crisis. It sends out an SMS with your current...
android banking malware masked as paypal app

Banking Malware Masked as PayPal App Targeting Android Users

Spammers are targeting users with fake PayPal app update email which comes with an embedded link of an android app which...
Google is 2 billion lines of Code

Google is 2 Billion Lines of Code and 86 Terabytes of Storage

How Big is Google? We can answer this question in terms of stock price, revenue, profit, gross profit, net income, its...
Best Android Hacking Apps

13 Best Android Hacking Apps for Security Researchers

Hacking is penetrating into others devices, there are two major types of Hacking first one Ethical Hacking (legal hacking) in which...
hooks notifications

Hooks wants to send you a Notification for Anything

Notifications are like pain because they usually roll over for nothing, main purpose of application developers is to engage peoples with...

AndEx Lets You Run Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on Your PC with Linux Kernel 4.0

The time has come to update your AndEx installation to a new version build on top of the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop...


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