Apple is testing a new web interface for Podcasts

It is reported that Apple is going to make some changes in its Apple Podcasts web interface. In 2017, the company last...
apple news+ subscription

Here’s What You Need to Know About Apple News+

Yesterday, during Apple's "show time", it has stated that it is going to start its new Apple News+. For now, this service...

Apple updates iMac Pro options with 2x Performance Improvement

Apple has updated its iMac lineup by updating the 21.5-inch model and 27-inch variant. For everyone who is looking for over...
When Apple Manufactured The Macintosh in U.S, Here’s How It Looked

When Apple Manufactured The Macintosh in U.S, Here’s How It Looked

A big concern and debate during Trump's presidency are about United States companies outsources their manufacturing. Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs (Late)...
How to Make Folders and Group Apps on the iPhone

How to Create Folders and Group Apps and Games on the iPhone

You might be considering to organize your home screen on iPhone. Grouping apps on iPhone make it easier and convenient for...
How To Hard Reset The New 2018 iPad Pro without Home Button

How To Hard Reset The iPad Pro 2018 Just in Three Easy Steps

If you've got hands on 2018 iPad Pro and enjoying its fantastic performance plus features, cheers, however, even with such great...


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