Google Assistant

Google Assistant offers livelier search results on Android

It is reported that Google has been working to provide more valuable information to use instead of numerous web links. Google has...
Pixel 3a family

Google’s lower-cost Pixel 3a phones surface on official sites

It is reported that Google is planning to introduce its latest mid-range Pixel phones. The Google Play Developer Console's device catalog...

Google sets baseline standards for temp workers after outcry

Once again, Google has been showing interest in complaints regarding strategic decisions and working decisions. The tech giant is keen to implement...
30 Feature Changes You'll Find in Android Q

30 Feature Changes You’ll Find in Android Q

Google yesterday released their first beta for Android Q that brings a new level of user experience. There are quite some...
Chome OS

Chrome OS beta brings Google Assistant to more devices

Till today, Native access to Google on Chrome OS device means to enjoy access on various Google-made hardware including the Pixelbook or...

10 questions you’ll have to answer if you want to be an engineer at...

Working for a company like Google is really fun, isn't it? But first, you have to clear the interview. Pierre Gauthier -...


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