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Skype adds screen sharing to its iOS and Android apps

Successful implementation and response to the web service of Skype, has made the company to introduce more features to its mobile...

Apple is testing a new web interface for Podcasts

It is reported that Apple is going to make some changes in its Apple Podcasts web interface. In 2017, the company last...
Android Q

Android Q To Get This Most Wanted iPhone Feature

Previously, Samsung has planned to discontinue the screens that have the ability to detect touch pressure on the Galaxy S10. Now, the...

AMD Ryzen CPUs Outsold Intel Core CPUs For Three Straight Quarters

AMD Global and Intel have just shared the sales stats for AMD Ryzen and Intel Core CPUs. And, it seems that...
Google Assistant

Google Assistant offers livelier search results on Android

It is reported that Google has been working to provide more valuable information to use instead of numerous web links. Google has...

Reddit’s ‘Change My View’ community becomes a dedicated site

You might know about Reddit, a community forum that provides a solution as well as information on almost everything related to...


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