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Google translator now in sindhi and pashto

Google added Sindhi and Pashto in its Translator

Saying “hello" in Sindhi and Pushto just got a little easier with Google Translator. With over 26 million Sindhi speakers, and over...
Airlink Samsung

Samsung Signs Airlink as its New Distributor for Mobile Phones

Samsung today expanded its distribution network by adding ‘Airlink Communication’ as a new distribution partner for Hand-held Devices (Mobile phones) in...
Facebook Live Header

Facebook is rolling Live video stream globally

Facebook's new feature "Live" through which users can start their own live stream is rolling outside the U.S into other countries. Facebook...
Freedom 251

The world’s cheapest smartphone cost only 400 Pakistani Rupees

Ringing Bells which is not a famous company of smartphones is launching the cheapest smartphone in the world today. The Freedom...

CricNama App Brings Urdu-Flavored Cricket News to Smartphones, has launched its Android app to bring users up to date with standout coverage of the game in Urdu. The launch comes as...
Twilley Gravitational Waves1

The Inside Story of How Scientists Finally Found Gravitational Waves

Just over a billion years ago, many millions of galaxies from here, a pair of black holes collided. They had been...


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