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Oneload & Road Runner Sign Partnership Agreement

Oneload, a product of Systems Limited – one of Pakistan’s largest & oldest IT companies, announced a strategic partnership with Road...

Pakistani students have chance to win a 5-Month paid internship

Pakistani students have a chance to win a 5-month paid internship while learning some technical skills from Microsoft's Learn for Sucess...
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Tesla Model 3 orders jump to more than 232,000 in less than 48 hours

In the history of the automobile, this is surely something which was never seen before. Telsa crossed sales worth of $9.7 billion...
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Mark Zuckerberg goes live on Facebook to talk Oculus, future of virtual real

Not a proper launch event of long awaited-arrival of the Oculus Rift to consumers, founder of Oculus Palmer Luckey and Facebook...
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Microsoft HoloLens delivers ‘Star Wars’ holographic message we’ve been waiting for

Microsoft's HoloLens has delivered some pretty cool imagery in recent months, but many are still wondering what practical use they'd have...
getnowpk logo Revamped to New Web Design

The E-commerce industry of Pakistan is flooded with online shopping stores where you can buy every kind of product you like...


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