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Google makes mobile-first search indexing the default for new domains

Almost a year ago, Google has started its mobile-first search indexing and now it is making its way to law of...
ARM chips

ARM’s latest chip designs promise 60 percent faster AI on phones

It is not for the first time ARM is claiming about top quality PC performance. Back in 2018, the company has...
best obs video recording settings

Best OBS Settings for Recording Videos – Both Video & Audio Settings

If you are streaming guy playing games or doing live streams, a question that you might ask yourself is what are...
realme 3 pro

realme 3 Pro is set to launch on May 29, capable to run Fortnite...

Pakistan fastest growing mobile brand Realme has now confirmed that the device, Realme 3 Pro and c 2 will be launched...

Ren Zhengfei’s Interview with Chinese Media

Q1 CCTV: Yesterday (US time), the US issued a temporary license to Huawei. In other words, its restrictions on Huawei can...
Google new search layout

Google Search redesign adds website names and logos to results page

It is reported that Google is determined to bring a new Search layout to mobile. Yesterday, the search engine giant, Google...


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