Zong Call Packages

Zong Call Packages 2019 – Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Zong provides excellent call packages to consumers of the company. We compiled this post to give all details including subscription charges,...
Jazz Call Packages

Jazz Call Packages 2019 – Daily, 3 Day, Weekly, Monthly, Lifetime and PostPaid

Jazz is the largest telecom operator in Pakistan with over 50million subscribers. They are providing a variety of Call Packages for...
Ufone SMS Packages

Ufone SMS Packages 2019 – Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly

Ufone takes care of its customers by providing Ufone SMS Packages to them. Excellent SMS service can be enjoyed by subscribing...
Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor Internet Packages 2019 – Daily, 3 Day, Weekly and Monthly 3G &...

Telenor is among one of the top Telecom networks which are providing convenient services to its customers. The company is offering...
Jazz SMS Packages

Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages 2019 – Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Mobilink Jazz proudly presents cheaper rates on Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages among all the cellular networks of Pakistan. Not only Jazz...
PTCL Internet Packages

PTCL Internet Packages 2019 – 4Mb, 8Mb, 15Mb, 25Mb and 100Mb

PTCL is a well-known name in Pakistan and it is the first Telecom company that is providing Broadband Internet Packages to Pakistani...


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