Check Which App have Access to Your Gmail and Revoke It | How to

Google finally explains Gmail privacy after the report that said Google Allowed Gmail app developers to read your emails.

Google explained that automatic processing of emails is necessary in order to reduce spam and phishing attempt, and it doesn’t process email content.

How To Check Which App have Access to Your Gmail

Google added that this automated process has caused misconception, no – one at Google read your Gmails, except in specific cases where you ask us for help, or for security purposes, or in investigating bug or abuse, app developers only ask for relevant data with clear and prominent disclosures.

However, if you still have security concern we recommend you to use Security Check Section to control data access to apps that are linked to your Gmail, Google said.

This feature offers users to revoke account login from dormant devices, review sign-ins and update recovery method.

Additionally, you can browse here, to set the permissions.

After login, it will display the number of third-party apps that have access to your Google account, search for the work “Has access to Gmail”, and if you see an unwanted app on the list just click on the Remove Access option to prevent app from accessing any of the data from your Google account.

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