, the Pioneer and Godfather of Flash Sale in Pakistan


Html code here! Replace this with any non empty text and that's it. that launched on 29th January has made tremendous name in Flash sales. Having title of first Chinese online website in Pakistan, Cheezmall has become a GodFather of Flash sales in Pakistan.

Pioneering the model of flash sales, cheezmall has made online shopping as fun. By revitalization Ecommerce in Pakistan, Cheezmall entered with Chinese Models of Ecommerce in which it focused more on Flash sales.

Flash sales started first when Cheezmall gave Rs 5000 free on it launch to every shopper. This gave rise to a record breaking transactions to Cheezmall which was around 3025. This was achieved in just one day flash sale.

Where others can just dream of understanding Flash Sale, Cheezmall gained 3025 orders from one day flash sale.

Second was Zong MBB and Telenor handsets. In just 2 hours the inventory of Handsets was sold out and Zong MBB devices stocked out in just 2 minutes and 13 seconds.

Another landmark in the history of Ecommerce and Flash Sale is the selling of 5000 handsets in just one day Flash Sale of Lenovo Zuk Z1. These were the orders that no one can even think upon but Cheezmall has done it in just one day. After that securing some 102 Zong MBB orders in one day for Flash Sale with Free power bank.

These were the stats that turned Flash sale a successful one and others started copying it too. But could not manage to generate such stats because behind every offer there is a Chinese Brain.

Cheezmall has also taken its core employees to where they have earned training for ecommerce. This is the reason why in just smaller time period, Cheezmall has become the Godfather and Pioneer of Flash Sales in Pakistan.



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