Chinese Manufacturers Pushed Samsung Out from Chinese Market

In the world’s largest smartphone market, Chinese smartphone makers Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi have pushed Samsung out, and Apple may come after this. Since 2014 Chinese Smartphone makers increase the market shares substantially, which provide detailed in data. While the shares of both Samsung’s and Apple’s has been fallen abruptly.

In 2014, Samsung’s market contribution lessen from 12.8% in 2014 to less than one percent by 2018, while Apple’s share dropped from 10.1% to 7.4%.

At the same time, the market rates of Huawei’s, Oppo’s, and Vivo become tripled. It covers almost 67% of the Chinese smartphone market, while the stable market shares of Xiaomi is approximately 13%.

Does the question arise that in the Chinese market, why Samsung is downturns?

The answer is the broadcasting of markets. The two main markets are arises. One is the high-end market, which is providing expensive smartphones to the upper-class while the other is the low-end market, which is for the rest.

As though, Samsung mobiles are helpful for the middle class. That’s why the Korean giant its exhibiting facilities advancing to Southeast Asia. And Chinese smartphones are competing it here.

At Financial markets platform, Jesse Cohen analysed that is the next turn is for Apple? But it doesn’t seem to be as.

Jesse Cohen says that “Apple’s China problems tend to be exaggerated,” Chinese mostly prefer either high performance and expensive smartphones like iPhone or sometimes go for the cheapest ones like Oppo and Vivo. Apple is establishing new features yet which will bring it into the expensive market. “Unlike Samsung, Apple is on the verge of reviving its flagging smartphone business led by the massive demand for the iPhone 11. Its wearables business will also provide a spark as the Apple Watch and Airpods continue to gain traction with China’s booming class of tech-savvy consumers.”

“Samsung’s last China smartphone factory closing, raising questions about China’s role in global value chains, Huizhou Samsung is the South Korean electronics giant’s last smartphone factory in China, but signs indicate it will follow facilities in Tianjin and Shenzhen,” reported by South China Morning Post

But in the future maybe some changes occur. As the Chinese smartphone market and makers are booming day by day.

At the same time, China and the US trade and cultural classes make Apple challenging to challenge a grade field against its Chinese analogue.

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Sarah Forst
Sarah is an American journalist specializing in smartphones and other technology-related topics

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