Chinese Companies Offer Pink RTX 4070 GPUs with Customizable Designs

by Shumail Ali
pink GeForce RTX 4070 GPUs

The latest release of the RTX 40 series by Chinese brands has brought some truly colorful and anime-inspired designs to the market. From pink to graffiti, these GPUs are sure to make a statement in your gaming rig. In fact, did you know that some of these cards come with custom faceplates and backplates, allowing you to personalize your GPU like never before?

Galax’s RTX 4070 EX Gamer GPU is a high-end card with a striking pink color scheme. It features a triple-fan design, a 2.1-slot form factor, and an 8-pin power connector. This factory-overclocked card boasts a speed of 2535 MHz out of the box, which can be further boosted to 2550 MHz with Galax OC software. For those who prefer a more classic look, this model is also available in full white and full black designs.

Unique Designs of Chinese Brands’ RTX 4070 GPUs

Another Chinese brand, Gainward, has also joined the pink GPU trend with their RTX 4070 Boomstar. This card features a white design with a translucent polygonal shroud that covers custom faceplates. Gamers can either use their own faceplates or purchase custom ones from Gainward. Although this model seems to be only listed on Chinese websites, customizations have been showcased by Chinese media outlets.

Chinese Companies Offer Pink RTX 4070 GPUs with Customizable DesignsGAINWARD-RTX-4070-BOOMSTAR-PINK-1Chinese Companies Offer Pink RTX 4070 GPUs with Customizable DesignsGAINWARD-RTX-4070-BOOMSTAR-PINK-2

MaxSun has also jumped on the colorful bandwagon with their EHP (Enchantment Heart Princess) Edition of the iCraft RTX 4070 GPU. This card comes in white color with a custom backplate featuring the MaxSun avatar. MaxSun also teased a purple graffiti design, which has yet to be released for the RTX 4070 non-Ti model.

Colorful, known for its unique designs, has released the iGame Ultra exclusively in a white color scheme. This card features a pink/blue reflective front plate on top of its triple-slot cooler. Notably, it is the only card in this roundup that comes with a 16-pin power connector and a 3-slot cooling design.

Chinese Companies Offer Pink RTX 4070 GPUs with Customizable DesignsCOLORFUL-GeForce-RTX-4070-12GB-iGame-Ultra-White-1Chinese Companies Offer Pink RTX 4070 GPUs with Customizable DesignsCOLORFUL-GeForce-RTX-4070-12GB-iGame-Ultra-White-2

Lastly, Gainward has expanded its “Star” GPU series with a new RTX 4070 SKU. RTX 4070 Ti is the first model to receive the pink/blue design. The “Pink Star” can be purchased with either factory-overclocking up to 2580 MHz or stock clocks. It features a custom PCB with one 8-pin power connector, and it is 2.2 slots high and 33 cm long.

GAINWARD RTX 4070 Pink StarGAINWARD RTX 4070 Pink Star

These are just a few of the custom cards that have been released recently, and more are likely on the way. NVIDIA will launch the RTX 4060 series globally next month. With the growing trend of colorful and unique GPU designs, gamers can expect even more options in the future.

Source: VideoCardz

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