Chrome quietly received a big 3D graphics boost

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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You may have discerned that the 3D web graphics have been boosted when using chrome.Recently, Google has announced that Chrome 56 and its later release are now supporting the WebGL 2.0 standard.

Now, you are able to see the efficient performance, latest texture types and visual effects, including volume-based effects and tone mapping. Most importantly, it is now leveled with the same OpenGL ES 3 spec mobile games.

Now, you may be able to port your favorite mobile phone title to chrome without losing graphical details.You may have noticed the update in all the desktop versions of the browser. But, for Android, it may be revealed soon.


This is not a unique development of the company, Firefox and Opera already contain WebGL 2.0 support. But, in usage percent Chrome is at the top with 58.5 percent as of February and this makes a big deal.

The main advantage is that the users will be able to the next level 3D on the web but also the creators have good reason to gain an advantage of that extra visual prowess.


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