Google’s one of the main quests is to ensure that all websites are using the secure HTTPS protocol, Chrome 62 will flash out more warnings whenever a user tries to visit HTTP sites.

About a few months ago, Chrome 56 had begun labeling the unencrypted websites as “not secure” just in the beginning of the address line if they are asking for passwords and credit card details.

According to the blog post of Google Security Team, though, passwords and credit card numbers are not only types of data worth protecting. This is the reason Chrome 62 expired in October. A typing error can be prevented and if you are looking to calculate your typing speed and find keystrokes per hour of yours we have a quick guide for that.

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Well if you are in the incognito mode, you don’t have to type anything as Chrome automatically expects that you are serious about privacy settings, therefore, it should flag any HTTP site you visit. Google plans to flag everything on the web which is not encrypted.