Cloudflare Just Launched Its Most Secure & Fastest VPN

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This Monday, Cloudflare has launched DNS and the company is proclaiming to provide privacy and maximum speed to its users. It is reported that the company has followed IBM and Google in this process.

Later on, the company introduced an app for activation of Cloudflare DNS through simple steps. Obviously, both iOS and Android users can install that app.

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Again the company is looking forward to giving the best competition to its rival and for this, the company is offering maximum speed and high security for users’ privacy.

You might be aware of various DNS alternatives lagging behind OpenDNS, Google’s and Cloudflare.

Apparently, these three companies have been gaining maximum shares market, therefore, they are getting more support from users.

The most important thing about DNS is that it is being categorized as one of the best alternatives to numerous DNS available in the market.

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The plus point is that the company has also provided it an app that supports both Android and iOS platforms.

Actually, DNS is more like a VPN service, but for convincing its user, Cloudflare has been stepping further to let people understand the working of Virtual Private Network (VPN).


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Cloudflare DNS app is providing an option named as Warp, which is available in both Android and iOS versions. Once the user taps that option, the app will redirect all traffic through this secure connection service.

The company proclaims that they do not have any idea about the location as well as the activity of its users, as it is using end-to-end encryption.

Moreover, the Warp option is capable of squeezing the content and assists users in low usage of mobile data and provides a high-speed facility.

The company explains that the Warp option is specially designed to lower the battery consumption as well as signal. Therefore, the use of a VPN with this service will help in rapid recovery.

The best part about it is that users can avail this VPN freely within Cloudflare app but for now your use application will be queued for using this amazing Warp.

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