What Caused the COD Warzone Buy Station Freeze? – How to Fix

by Ijlala Maqbool
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Since its arrival on Caldera, Call of Duty Warzone has faced bugs and glitches that have harmed the battle royale experience for millions of players who continue to drop in.

Player’s guns have become invisible in Warzone Season 1 Reloaded alone. Unfortunately, those who somehow manage to win in their Gulag end up on the end-game menu rather than back in action, much to the chagrin of the passionate and often-vocal community of COD gamers.

One persistent bug in the game involves players freezing when accessing the Buy Stations. The brief pause in action allows an opponent to score a kill and continue playing before the frozen player gets the ability to move. 

Fortunately, there is a temporary workaround to keep this from happening. Here we’ll learn how to stop a Warzone Buy Station from freezing in this article. Freezing at Buy Stations drew the attention of console Warzone players attempting to purchase Killstreaks and Loadout Drops. Even though Raven Software implemented a few patches, its most recent appearance has significantly hindered those, who encounter the issue.

Warzone Buy Station Freeze Glitch Way Around

While others are still waiting for a permanent solution, few have devised a temporary yet ingenious workaround for the glitch causing widespread frustration since the end of 2021. Pro Reborn, the creator of Warzone content, revealed the fix on Twitter, providing players with a short-term solution that appears to solve the problem.

To put it simply, avoid sliding before opening the Buy Station menus to keep Warzone from freezing. One player tried the fix and confirmed that it “sometimes” fixes the problem. Reducing the chances of the game freezing is far from ideal, but it’s preferable to freeze all the time. Given how simple it is to sprint or walk to the Buy Stations, this simple workaround is one that players should try to avoid the abrupt pause in the action.

When Will The Buy Station Glitch Get Fixed

Players will be facilitated to learn that the freezing bug will not be present for much longer. Raven Software has added the problem to its Trello board, indicating that a fix is on its way. With Season 2, which is just a few weeks away, there’s a chance that a spot will arrive in early February, which will be welcome news to console players who have been experiencing freezing across Caldera.

How to fix Warzone Buy Station Freezes Problem

According to players, the Buy Station freeze bug is not limited to any platform but instead occurs on PC, Xbox, and PS consoles. It is unrelated to player’s ping, as players with low ping also report the Buy Station freezing bug. This bug almost always occurs for many affected players when they open it to buy something.

In Warzone, the Buy Station is a vital component to your success. It’s where you go to get new weapons and equipment for your team, and if it freezes up, you can be in trouble.

Fortunately, you can do a few things to stop a Buy Station from freezing. The first is to ensure that you’re not trying to buy too many items at once. If the Buy Station starts to slow down, try buying just one or two things at a time.

Another thing you can do is delete some of the content on your console. Warzone takes up a lot of space on your system, so if you delete some of the other games or apps you don’t use as often, it may free up some space and help the Buy Station run more smoothly.

There’s no concrete answer to why your Call of Duty Warzone is crashing at buy station, do consider the tips mentioned above as a caution for a better gaming experience.

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