Meet the Corsair One ‘category-defying’ gaming PC debut

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Corsair is well known for its wide range of enthusiast-focused PC cases, memory, liquid CPU cooler and even liquid-cooled graphics cards. Corsair’s Bulldog PC Corsair is combining its wide array of Knowlege into their first-ever-full PC build, named Corsair One.

Corsair is not providing much information about One just yet, but there is a minimalistic webpage where you can sign up for more info, and an advertisement in Maximum PC’s March issue that describes it like this:

“Meet Corsair One, the category-defying new PC from the designers and builders at Corsair. The most trusted name in precision-engineered PC components brings you a machine built from the ground up to power anything and everything you love to do.”

The story behind the story:

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That said, you can discern some clues about the Corsair One by studying the available materials. It’s a relatively small form factor PC, as you can see from the image above, yet it’s still powerful enough to apparently play the demanding Witcher 3 on a widescreen display. That detail, paired with the HDMI and USB ports gracing the front of the computer, suggests Corsair’s debut PC will be capable of playing virtual reality games as well. Who knows? Maybe it’ll even pack Corsair’s own liquid-cooled GeForce GTX 1080.

Corsair One’s Details

The case of Corsair’s traditional “clean black box” chassis design with more aggressive aesthetics of relatively new Spec-Alpha lineup which leans towards more subdued look overall. The Corsair One’s diminutive size suggests it’ll use mini-ITX parts rather than a full ATX motherboard. The side panels are perforated and heavy fins at the top bottom of case hint that PC will have plenty of air circulation to house powerful desktop component.

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One thing is missing an optical drive. Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise the Corsair cases dumped 5.25-inch drives in favor of a “Direct Airflow Path” design now that steam and downloadable games largely usurped physical discs.

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Moving from an army of components and the bare-bones Bulldog is a major step for Corsair, both in the price, it’ll be able to charge and the amount of support it’ll need to offer to customers. A whole lot more can go wrong in a fully assembled rig over singular pieces of hardware, after all. Corsair’s also going to have to find a niche somewhere between the big-box companies like Dell and boutique PC builders who hang their hats on customization and customer support—but damn if I’m not intrigued by the Corsair One.

So when can you pick one up? Your guess is as good as mine. Corsair hasn’t revealed pricing or release date information about the Corsair One either.

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07eb062daa4934b44ff797d5099d61ea - Meet the Corsair One 'category-defying' gaming PC debut
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