NXSYS AERO Chair Helps Users Stay Cool and Sweat-Free While Gaming

by Shumail Ali

Gaming enthusiasts, ever faced the issue of getting uncomfortably sweaty during those long gaming sessions? Well, Cougar has heard your pleas. Their newest product, the NXSYS AERO gaming chair, aims to tackle the problem of discomfort due to excessive sweating. Let’s delve deeper for a comprehensive overview of Cougar’s chair designed to prevent back sweat.

The Cooling Solution

The NXSYS AERO gaming chair features a massive 200mm RGB fan integrated into the backrest. This is the standout feature of the chair. While the inclusion of RGB lighting might seem superfluous, it doesn’t take away from the chair’s primary objective: to keep gamers cool and comfortable, even during extended gaming marathons.

This industry-first addition can be a game-changer for those who tend to overheat during intense gaming sessions.

How Does It Work?

The fan is strategically placed at approximately mid-back level, and it circulates air throughout the entire backrest. This design ensures that the cool air washes over your back, providing relief from excessive heat and moisture.


The chair has a discreet chamber on the back to power the fan. You need to insert a separate battery pack, as it’s not included.

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Additional Ergonomic Features

In addition to the cooling fan, the NXSYS AERO gaming chair offers a range of ergonomic features to enhance comfort. It features a magnetic headrest that you can adjust to support your head and neck, offering a customizable fit.


Furthermore, it includes a “physiotherapy-grade” lumbar pillow built into the backrest to provide optimal lower back support.

Comfort for the Lower Region

Cougar designed the chair seat in a “bucket style” with angled flanks that they claim can accommodate a “wider” payload. They covered the seat with breathable PVC leather, describing it as “supple,” to ensure that it does not compromise comfort in the pursuit of cooling.

Customization and Flexibility

The NXSYS AERO gaming chair offers various customization options. It supports swiveling within the range of 90 to 150 degrees, providing flexibility for different gaming preferences.

Cougar NxSys Aero Design

Height adjustments for the seat and armrests enable users to find their ideal seating position. You can also tighten the swiveling rocker for a subtle rocking motion if that’s your preferred way to relax during a gaming session.


This innovative gaming chair is available in two color options: black/black and orange/black. The Cougar NXSYS AERO gaming chair is priced at $399 in the United States, as reported by TechPowerUp.

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