Create and share Google Maps lists on the web from your desktop

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Google Maps

Earlier this year, in February, the tech giant has made it possible to develop a list of your favorite local spots in the mobile app of Maps.

Lately, the company introduced a new feature through which you can be able to share your lists with friends and family from your phone. Now, the company is working to introduce this feature for desktop users.

It is very simple to use this feature on your PC. Only you need is to look for a place on Google Map via any web browser, Tap saves button and then add it to a new or an existing list, which will then sync across the platform.


For viewing the elements that you have added to your list, just visit Your Places in Google Maps (mobile app or web).

For sharing a list with your friends and family you need to tap three dots and then look for a feature. Moreover, if you are thinking plan a trip, then simply add your favorite local spots to your list.


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