Customs Recover Over 80,000 Smuggled Phones

custom raid
custom raid

In Defence Phase Karachi, the Pakistan Custom officers supervised a raid where they had recovered almost 80,000 smuggled phones. The phones are expected to be worth over Rs. 1.2 billion.

The Directorate Customs Intelligence Karachi has also taken 3 suspects into custody along with all the recovered items.

Customs Intelligence Karachi Director Sameena Zehra has initialized the team that was involved in raiding and retrieval of all smuggled cell phones. It six members team consists of Principal Appraiser Vaqar Qureshi and ADC Ali Zaman.

The company that is being involved in smuggling of cell phones is named as M/S Digicom. The company did not declare that how they get their containers cleared from Karachi International Container Terminal.

A case has been disclosed against the particular company and further investigation are in process to recover any more items. The team already investigated from four directors of the company. Along with M/S Digicom, several other companies have been found accused in illegal imports of cell phones.

Sameena Zehra notified that few other companies have been found that are plundering the Green Channel Facility. It is proclaimed that all phones belong to QMobile.

Few companies have Green Channel Facility and there is no one who performs a routine examination of goods. Sameena Zehra stated that M/S Digicom utilized this facility for all of its illegal purposes and has illegally imported almost 800 containers over several years.

Moreover, almost 63,000 mobiles were confiscated by customs officers and it is said to be one of the biggest raids carried out by Customs. 63,500 phones and tables that costs almost Rs. 285 million, were also seized during the raid.

Customs Collector Preventive Iftikhar Ahmed has made a rough sketch of the whole raid and notified that a container was checked near Gull Plaza in Karachi after getting news from reliable sources.

According to sources, the company has been transporting tablets and phones by declaring them as bulbs and LED lights. Web-Based One Customs (WeBOC) system was utilized rather than using paper-based for getting Green Channel Facility.